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What you didn't learn in a body language book
What you didn't learn in a body language book

Your Body Language Book of Attraction Explained

 Your Body Language Book of Attraction


Eye Contact and the Body Language Book of Attraction 


When it comes to women and dating, too many people focus on the right thing to say or many other little elements that ultimately don’t make that much of a difference in your final outcome. However, what really makes a difference is your body language and small sub-communications. Let’s talk about sub-communications and specifically eye contact. It’s such a subtle thing that too many people overlook this aspect, but it should be your main tool for communication.

What you didn't learn in a body language book
What you didn’t learn in a body language book

1) Don’t think it’s your words that are getting the girl. You are speaking to her in the hard-coded physical language of the ancients, the language that got homo-sapiens laid before spoken language evolved or anyone even thought about writing or reading a body language book. The words are just the things that fill the space while you lay your man vibe on her. That’s not to say that words are meaningless, but for the pincer attack to work it’s magic you need both to work together flawlessly.

2) Learn to put fire into your eye to project sexual intensity and then to change it in a heartbeat to a sparkle of amused mastery. Practice looking deep into a girl’s eyes and projecting your thoughts. Tiny micro movements in your iris and eyelids will impress these upon her and you’ll often see her eye twitch in response. Ever wonder why women seem to comment on a man’s eyes? Eyes are the single most important part of sexual attraction. Transfix her like a vampire crucified against a holy cross and she will submit to you faster than a gun shooting at its target.

3) This body language book may teach more about these concepts, but you have to remember one key aspect. As you run up to the girl, you must think cocky thoughts about how awesome you are. Let those thoughts build as you think “ I’m having this girl “ or “ I’m about to lay my proper man vibe on her “. Let this be funny to you and keep you amused. Not only do you have a funny assumption stack ready to drop onto her, dial your eyes into “cocky and playful” until you’ve finished the opener and moved into the assumption stacking. (assumption stacking is discussed in Daygame Blueprint). Then start letting the sexual predator flash through them, just fleeting glimpses at first. As she reaches hook-point you can let the sexual threat eyes vie with the psychopath dead eyes.

This is all you need to know about the body language book of attraction.

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