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How Do I Get Women ?
How Do I Get Women ?

Why Daygame and How do I get women using it?

How do I get women using this daygame approach?

A lot of the dating advice I often come across is too vague and doesn’t really work in real life. It doesn’t give any specifics or go into any kind of detail on why you should or should not do a particular thing. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend, ready for a commitment or just someone to have fun with, I think daygame is the best alternative to any dating platform out there at the moment. Why does it beat clubs, internet dating or any other ways to meet women?

  1. Asking yourself “How do I get women” with daygame will be a thing of the past once you master it. It’s easy to learn, simple enough to apply. So quit wasting your time and put time and effort into a real thing that will get you real results sooner than later.
  2. The biggest benefit to daygame as oppose to online dating, is that you see what you’re getting yourself into right away and you don’t have to worry about loud music and spending a ton of money. You have real authentic interactions and experiences already as oppose to talking to some online “hottie_69” who might actually turn out to be a 75 year old man or grandma or a 15 year old teenager wasting time online because they’re bored with their life.
  3. With daygame, you’re not spending countless hours online cold messaging people, hoping for a response, scrolling though endless pages of women you are interested in and hoping they respond to you. You simply approach the women you’re interested in on your lunch break, at a store, out in a coffee shop or anywhere where you spot women you are interested in.
  4. Daygame to me is anything outside a club. It doesn’t mean that when the sun goes down, I can’t use daygame principles to approach anymore. As long as I’m not in a bar or a night club I will still use daygame principles even at 10 p.m. in a grocery store, a party, a restaurant, or even on a street with cafes and shops around.
  5. Fortunately, for cold countries like Canada, U.S.A and Scandinavian places they have tons of indoor facilities, like museums, underground malls, underground “cities” near the subway and such to help people enjoy their food away from the cold winter. Others who live in Spain, France or U.K. They can still get away with street approaching because the weather isn’t as harsh. However regardless, where you live you can use this method easily and turn “How do I get women?” into “How do I get women to leave my place sooner?”
How Do I Get Women ?
How Do I Get Women ?

Now daygame is not a magical pill but in my opinion once you master it well enough, it is the best and most authentic way to meet women and bring them back to you place. You will get better quality women with daygame than any other….Anyway, enough about it’s benefits and let’s get into the actual approach itself.

  1. You are probably wondering at this point how do I get women using daygame openers? You can read my article on daygame openers, but let’s get you started with the approach itself.
  2. How do I get women with my daygame approach? Approach the set from behind, from the side. Let her pass and catch up to her (you can see it in this video link or look below). Stop her and say “ Excuse me! Pause for 3 seconds at least till she turns around and registers who the hell you are. Next, say something like “I just saw you walk past and wanted to tell you that I think you’re cute/pretty!“ Maintain strong eye contact in delivery and keep it direct like this.
  3. How do I get women to stay in conversation? She’ll say thanks and will want to leave. Counteract it by saying “Before you, go I’ve gotta ask you one thing, you have this incredible style, look OR “You’ve got a very eastern european look, you must be russian”. 
  4. How do I get women not to worry about the fact that I said I have to ask you ONE MORE thing. Women are not logical like us often so this filler, it’s just there to kill the momentum enough for you to transition into a normal conversation. You’re now in conversation and extend your arm and introduce yourself. “Hi I’m James, nice to meet you, I wanted to find out more about you. Your (XYZ_#style #shiny-hair               #graceful-walk) caught my eye and I wanted to meet you”. It’s honest, direct and authentic. No bullshit tricks or gimmicks here and the women sense it and respect you right away for having the balls to do this shamelessly like that. They will always stop to hear you out. This intro part is vital but the least important. Get it right, and don’t screw it up too much and you will easily get into Vibing.
  5. Keep making statements and guesses about her, until she reveals enough about herself for you to relax and make the conversation flow better and relate to her.
  6. You’re in conversation now so don’t forget to ask for a number once you see the attraction signs and set up a date. How do I get women to give me their number? I simply say “ Let’s have coffee this Thursday at XYZ “ If she agrees I say “ Great, let’s exchange numbers” It’s simple to the point and leaves no room for error and no bullshit excuses for her to create in her mind.


This is the basics of daygame in a nutshell and I hope I’ve answered your question on “How do I get women ?” using daygame.


Cheers daygamer.




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