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What to Text a Girl
What to Text a Girl

What to Text a Girl After Daytime Approaching ?

What to Text a Girl After Daytime Approaching?


Inner Game With an Example of What to Text a Girl 


What to text a girl seems to be a never-ending question for a lot of guys and I decided to include real life examples in this post with real snapshots and good Phone and Text Game.

Before we get deep into it, I’d like to make a few quick points about why you’re most likely struggling with your sexting prowess when you’re trying to find what to text a girl.

In your early days of daygame approaching, you’ll most likely struggle to get solid numbers because your limited value conveyance and in-set work lead to extracting numbers rather than having them freely given. This means she’ll give you a number to get rid of you, or maybe your sexual vibe during the interaction was killed off that she now thinks of you as just a new friend. (see Daygame Blueprint to fix these issues)

In the beginning of your Daygame career you don’t realize that it’s a dirty and filthy gambit, and not some nicey nice, or cute bubble tea party with friends sharing thoughts on the latest trends in design. Cut that out of your approach. Perhaps in your approach, you tried to override a genuine boyfriend objection, but the end result is that you have very few numbers leading to a text exchange. Thus, you overvalued one lead more than others. This breaks your inner game which isn’t solid yet and you’ll do anything to ge her on the date for “date practice,” so you low-ball it and hide your full intention. Avoid this at all costs.

In the beginning stages you’re likely going to struggle with a lack of reference experiences, and thus do not have entitlement. Deep down you’re not certain that you deserve the girl. Deep down your inner game is struggling and you are worried that if she gets to know the real you then she won’t like it and the set dies. Symptoms of this deep insecurity include becoming an Approach Machine who never puts himself on the line, a reliance on routines and always the same opener, not asking for a number, and in some cases texting for a very long time before inviting her out on a date, because you’re scared she’ll say no. Confront the emotional motivation for this self-sabotage. Don’t avoid the moment where she can turn you down. Don’t worry if she will or if the date goes badly. Just get yourself through this stage and send her the invite in proper time.

Real life examples below on What to Text a Girl after daytime approaching: 

You (what to text a girl) – so this is the crazy English student with fiery red hair. Pleasure meeting you hunn. 😉 (Feeling her out)

What to Text a Girl
What to Text a Girl


Her: Hahaha what’s so crazy about me?? 

(response, encouragement) 

You: Everything. I’m frightened. My mother warned me about English girls. (acknowledge, stack forward) 

Her: You have a wise mother!! Haha, you should be careful of us! 🙂 

(response, encouragement)

You: I will. I wonder if you’re capable drinking french wine like a French lady. Hmmmmmm (acknowledge, seed date)

Her: Hmmmm, I’m not sure. I usually drink coffee. 

(response, encouragement) 

You: I guess we should try that then. Thursday at 7:30 pm sound good? 

(logistics time)

Her: Sure, sounds good. (acceptance)

You: Adelaide & Bay Street. Wear something cute so we match 😉 (meet up venue, hoop) 

Her: I’m alway cute and adorable. (hoop jump)




I hope you have now gotten some ideas on what to text a girl after meeting her in daytime.


Leave us comments below as always daygamer.

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