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What To Text A Girl: 3 Horrific Daygame PUA Texting Mistakes

What To Text A Girl After Meeting Her In Daygame?

What To Text A Girl: 3 Horrific Daygame PUA Texting Mistakes

~What To Text A Girl After Meeting Her On The Street Through Daygame~


The biggest thing in cold approach pick that frustrates a big majority of men is that majority of numbers go nowhere, and it’s just the nature of cold approach pick up. The sooner you accept it, the easier life will be. When you get some downtime between your number farming sessions in Daygame, take a quick second and consider the timing of your first text.

Ultimately there is no perfect answer for the perfect amount of time you should wait before the answer. Human behaviour is difficult to predict and external circumstances often force our behaviour in ways beyond our control especially with women who get overridden by their own emotions.

An ideal feeler text will announce your presence and covertly convey your intent that this is a man-woman vibe and you really are that charismatic, relaxed chill guy she just met.

The Safe Feeler:

Hey. It was nice to meet you today 🙂

Stronger Safe Feeler:

Are you always so friendly to strangers?

(generally use this one with girls who are straight shooters and like directness and ones who don’t really like to banter, don’t give off giant green lights to proceed forward, or in cases where you fail to refer to any good teasing in the set)

High – Teasing Feeler:

“So this is the crazy little Russian princess who owes John a coffee?“

(generally you would use this one with a girl who was loving banter, pushing back playfully and giving good eye sparkle. It’s quite an aggressive frame-push so remember to only use this when you’re quite sure about the girl. Think back to the interaction and think about her high level of  compliance and you know for certain that she responds well to spiking like this.)

Mild – Tease Feeler:

“So this is the cute Italian with the big bright eyes and an even bigger smile..You scare me”

(used in those sets where she banters and you get a few teases in, but you don’t see any particular reason to hit her up with a strong frame-push)

TheHigh Familiarity” Feeler:

“Hey, how is the museum?”

(used only after very long sets and dates where you hit strong rapport. Just pick up the conversation where you left off or ask about something she was planning to do. You are short-cutting the usual initial texts that would usually be taking an entire step backward in the rapport at this stage.)

Boring Feeler:

“It Was Nice to Meet You :)”– John

(This one is generally used on Slavic girls who prefer to play it straight and don’t really joke around. Also if her English is awful. Make certain with this feeler that there was a lot of rapport and investment in-set, ideally an i-date, because this test assume you have established solid ground. This one is also good if you think you over-cooked the banter so you can dial it down quite a bit and avoid coming of as a complete clown.)

Timing In Your Text Game:

Timing is another big aspect to game in general and although there is no universally acceptable strategy for the “right time” to text her, you should be texting her the same day if not the next. Everyone is busy and girls live in the moment to moment type life scenario for the most part so keep the momentum rolling strong.

What To Text A Girl In Daygame?
What To Text A Girl After Meeting Her Using Daygame?

Interested Girl / Little To No Time:

One or both of you are on holiday so you’ve only got a few days in the same city. She was bright, smiley and full of energy. You got a strong eye sparkle. Send this particular feeler to her within a couple of hours of meeting her on the street and then keep it running throughout the day.

Interested Girl / Lots of Time:

It’s your YES girl, but she’s living in your city for at least a couple more weeks. You want to catch her later that same night she’s home and has nothing better to do. This makes you more likely to catch her in a good exchange, where you have her full attention and she goes to sleep thrilled to be thinking about you.

Low-Interest Girl / Little To No Time:

Low interest girls you should give an hour at least. You need the texts to filter her just in case you get lucky and she perks up in the texting. You just never know how it will pan out.

Low-Interest Girl / Lots of Time:

This will likely make up half of your total numbers. Wait until lunchtime the next day to send the feeler. You don’t want to look too keen nor too try-hard aloof.

What To Text A Girl In Daygame?
What To Text A Girl After Meeting Her Using Daygame?


What To Text a Girl – The Typical PUA Texting Mistakes

One important aspect of game that you have to calibrate for is to also absorb and calibrate the information provided to you. Let’s say the girl is on her way to see a birthday party. She will likely be too busy to respond to you, especially that you’re a stranger she just met.

What would be even worse if she reads it, but then something takes her attention away from your text and you “loose value” because there is a more fun interesting thing happening that night. Another reason could be that she’s a weak hook and her friends sabotage your approach. There is no reason for you to continue fighting for a lost cause. Drop it and move onto the next battle.

Just wait until the evening when you guess she’s at home and possibly lonely. At the end of the day, give it your best guess.

Your typical feeler map should be: You are simply initiating the text chat in order to find her interest level, giving her a thematic hook to continue the chat, and displaying your energy levels.

The critical point in all this is not to over-invest so early in the interaction. Keep it short, don’t try too hard with funny callback humour, don’t over reference how you met, don’t push for the date just yet, don’t over explain yourself and acknowledge the Elephant in the room. Here are some horrible chode examples.

Things To Avoid When You Think Of What To Text a Girl


“Hi Angelique! It was great meeting you today. I never would have guessed you do molecular biology. Unreal, you’ll be a scientist 🙂 I really enjoyed what you said about Brazil, and the traditional architecture in that place.”

(I’ll add this to my diary for Christ sakes and send you a post card girl. You get the point here.This is the longest, most invested and far too agreeable chode text you can ever send a girl after meeting her. Probably not a good idea? Right? No, It’s unarguably the shittiest text you can ever send)

“Hi Angelique. It was fun but random to meet you on the street like that. I guess life is so full of opportunities.”

(Observe the fact in the above text that it clearly denies the elephant in the room, so you’ll start to actually get player tests and she might sense an inauthentic vibe from you)

“Hi Angelique. It’s John from Philip Square this evening. How are you?”

(blend and huge value undersell here on your part signals to her that you’re such a piece of garbage in your own world that you think she has already forgotten about you. She remembers you clearly. This is a poor thematic hook and weak foundation for a future continuity of any kind from her)

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