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Daygame Pickup
Daygame Pickup

How to Unleash Her Inner Child With Daygame Pickup?

How to Unleash Her Inner Child With Daygame Pickup?

How would you approach daygame pickup if you knew women are simply children?

There is an old saying that says: Men reach maturity when they turn 18, but women never do. It’s a practical answer to many questions. Women don’t mature beyond the point of post-puberty. Even a middle-aged woman is merely the oldest teenager in the house.

Fan of Melvin Udall: How Do You Write Women So Well?

Melvin: It’s simple really. I take away reason and accountability.

Men are designed to go into the world, understand the terrain, and then design and execute a plan to take what they need from it. We develop logic, discipline, tenacity and an understanding of cause and effect over the long-term. Natural selection forced men to develop a real world interaction “weapon”. However, just like little children, women have a lack of these cognitive processes. Nature selected for women who look nice, make men feel good, and provide a reliable oven in which the man can cook his bun. This means you must not treat women the way you treat men. Do not by any means hold them to male standards. They are not men-with-tits.

Daygame Pickup
Daygame Pickup

What are you missing in your daygame pickup?

Now that we’ve established that women are children, let’s focus on the top qualities that children posses: 

  1. 100% caught up in the moment
  2. 100% Care-free
  3. Self-Centered Egotistical and Narcissistic 

What do “children” truly want from daygame pickup?

  1. Fun
  2. Happy Vibes
  3. Shiny Things That Catch Their Attention Immediately 
  4. Boundaries 


Vibing phase of any daygame pickup is a crucial stage in daygame where you inject her with happy vibes and free her inner child. In the modern world women are consistently pushed into an unnatural position to take on dominant male roles and they’re failing at it significantly. However, they’re simultaneously achieving a major shift of dominant roles reversal today. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not, but so far it’s taking away men’s masculinity tremendously and hurting western men all over the world, making them turn to various sources like PUA boot camps, PUA DVD courses, daygame boot camps, and learning daygame pickup. Perhaps it’s a temporary kick up your ass and mine that will eventually turn our society around into something bigger and better.

Ultimately today, women are expected to function autonomously without male leadership. This makes them quite uncomfortable, unhappy, ill and they struggle to understand why that’s the case today. Like children with absent parents they struggle on their own without the warm comforting blanket of responsible authority.

Understand that you as a man, need to take that weight from her shoulders. Impose your masculinity and allow her true feminine nature release itself so she disappears into the moment. Watch her light up with pleasure.

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