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Daygame Approach
Daygame Approach

3 Different Types of Daygame or Daytime Approaching

 What You Must Know About

3 Types of Daygame or Daytime Approaching:

Authentic High Value Daygame:

This type of daygame requires you to work on your real life value and truly become a man of real value, a man who any girl would feel like to meet. Once you achieve a good amount of authentic value in your life whatever it happens to be for you, this type of daygame becomes your mechanism for conveying real value.

You no longer play the “fake it till you make it game” and you are simply conveying your real character to the woman without whistles or flash game. This type of daygame will attract girls of high beauty and high value. To the outside world you are seamlessly pulling girls outside “your league”, simply because they don’t understand the basics of tight daygame pulling.

Technique/Methodical Daygame: 

This type of daygame is above the common intermediate level, and works well on low-esteem girls who are desperate to find a half-decent man (6s, 7s, 8s) and make the man her little boy toy. These will generally be girls close to your attractiveness level and somewhere near your level of value.

Daygame Approach
Daygame Approach

This type of game would fail miserably on top level girls as mentioned above because they quickly sense the large disconnect between your flash game, tricks, methods and your real life authentic value not matching up. They tend to have higher level of emotional intelligence, good understanding of congruence, and your public value. Once your “mask” comes off and she is facing the real you, she’ll feel the disconnect instantly. However learning this type of game will still work fine for you.

High Pressure Daygame

This kind of daygame does not give the girl an easy way out of the interaction and puts her on the fence. You get up in her face with intense laser eye contact and put her up on the fence and “knock her of the fence”. You hound away at her and keep increasing the buying temperature until she gives in or leaves.

This means you physically escalate with her from the first 30 seconds of the interaction, fixing her with intense eye contact, isolating from friends and take on the role of a leader by physically moving them around the venue with small quick bounces. This works wonders in a club atmosphere, especially on girls with low self-esteem, but again fails on top level girls who have strong boundaries.

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