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3 Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game

Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game

Learn About These 3 Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game    The biggest problem to get over for most men getting into the game and learning about the inner game,   is getting the girl attracted and hooked on your  personality.  Majority of guys will build up decades of reference experience which ultimately just confirm their unattractiveness identity as they do the exact same thing consistently and give up entirely on making any progress on the game. Thus, when their inner game becomes much stronger and they master the ...

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100% Effective Pick Up Artist Openers That Work

Pick Up Artist Openers That Work

100% Effective Pick Up Artist Openers That Work   The opener is the first thing you say, it’s the first impression you make on a person. A good opener is designed to be funny, to make you look cool, and is far more interesting than whatever the girls might have been discussing before you came into the picture. There are various types of pick up artist openers; we will be looking at indirect openers. An indirect opener is one that doesn’t directly convey your interest in her and doesn’t put ...

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5 Strange Loopholes Used by the Best Pickup Artists

Best Pickup Artists Use 5 Crucial Elements

These 5 Strange Loopholes Are Used by the Best Pickup Artists   It’s important to realize that for you to become the best pickup artist you can be you must avoid being The Interviewer or The Hairdresser. You’re likey naturally jumping from one topic to another if you’re still learning how to push the conversation along it’s destined path. One way you can stop jumping around is to practice teasing out further information from a girl so she expands a topic, offering more of her thoughts. The easiest way to ...

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A Woman Is

a woman is

A Woman Is… A woman is your biggest nightmare and your biggest joy. A woman is a classical mystery murder novel without an ending. A woman is a universal free flowing energy waiting for direction. A woman is an empty vessel of chaos waiting to come alive through a man. A woman will hate you and love you simultaneously. A woman is a free caring soul waiting for someone to unleash her inner child. A woman loves boundaries because she wants to cross them. A woman craves your attention and ...

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A Day Game PUA Uses These 3 Crazy Vibing Techniques

strong day game pua

Why Does a Newbie Day Game PUA Fail in the Vibing Phase Sometimes?  Once you’ve hooked the girl, your goal is to slowly drift away from any kind of structured communication and stop trying to bring anymore value to the interaction. That’s overly gamey and does more harm than good. Realize when you have to stop. A strong day game PUA thinks of his first 60 seconds as a pre-planned “assault” on a beach to establish your presence there. Now that you’ve established yourself, you can focus on simply channeling ...

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5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast   Below you’ll find that we’ve summarized 5 great steps for learning game quickly and also outlined some key steps in your journey on how to become a PUA as fast as possible. Step 1 – How To Become a PUA Fast Using Current Knowledge: Learning should be your key priority if you’re starting at ground zero. This step could not be underestimated because it’s the most crucial one for your future success. It’s very difficult to blindly walk into ...

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These 5 PUA Day Game Strategies Will Get You Girls

5 Entrepreneurial PUA Day Game Strategies

These 5 Entrepreneurial PUA Day Game Strategies Will Get You Girls Strategy #1) Respect the PUA Day Game Strategies and Hustle Respect the hustle gentlemen! There are very few men in the world who are granted lots of easy sex with hot women. Even those who appear to have it easy are like ducks gracefully moving across the water with serene calm…while under the surface their legs are kicking frantically. Strategy #2) PUA Day Game Strategies are Not the Only Way Applying PUA Day Game strategies is not the only ...

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How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?

How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?

How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?   How Will PUA Training Help Me in General? We’ve quickly entered an era bound by quick fixes, fast iPhone replacements and no longer value anything highly like we used to a few decades ago. Our value regarding technology, our friendships, travel experiences, jobs or even other human beings that we choose to “date” has shifted 180 degrees in the “wrong direction”. The reason I label it a “wrong direction” because it’s a direction that’s heavily undefined for most ...

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Why Texting Women in 2014 Has Become More Difficult Than Ever Before?

Texting Women in 2014

Why Texting Women in 2014 Has Become More Difficult Than Ever Before? It seems like every year as we get more efficient ways to get information and “connect” with other people, we actually tend to stay in the virtual world of communication more often than ever before. We’re being sucked into the virtual reality more and more and disconnecting from the real personal communication. It’s a sad present reality, and if you disagree with me, I challenge you. Ask yourself, how many out of your 500+ Facebook friends or the ...

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Your 5 PUA Day Game Calibration Levels

PUA Day Game Calibration

Your 5 PUA Day Game Calibration Levels Your PUA day game calibration must exist or be developed across 5 different levels. They are as follows: 1. Micro – While looking into her eyes during your day game prowess you detect a mild flicker of attraction pass through. It’s a moment’s notice and then it fades. It is a tiny micro-communication. You notice it and you think “yes she’s into me” while making a quick mental note. This is either a “Maybe” or a “Yes” girl. You decide to ease of ...

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At Last, Your Magic Pill: Success With Women?

Success With Women

  The Magic Pill: Success With Women     Have you truly asked yourself what success with women really means for you? What is your end goal and why are you struggling towards achieving that goal? My guess is that you’re living in the misconstrued reality and think it can’t be altered. You’re most likely living a life full of limiting beliefs and it’s killing your dating life. 1. Slow steady, incremental process is not in people’s reality today. They want it now. However, the magic pill doesn’t exist when ...

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5 Steps on: How to Be Successful With Women

How To Be Successful With Women

Why Do People Fail ?    Your 5 Steps on How to Be Successful With Women   1. Most people never ask themselves the question of: how to be successful with women? They just hope it will work out and listen to friend’s advice who is just as bad with women or got lucky once and thinks he got it all figured out. Congratulations to you, because you’ve made the first step towards glory. It’s not an easy path, and it’s painful, full of frustrations and failures, but if you ...

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the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Body Language of Attraction

Body Language of Attraction

the Ugly Truth Behind Body Language of Attraction   The nature of daygame is to approach girls in situations where they can’t possible know anything about you other than what you display during the conversation. Daygame is a place where the battle field can be equalized. In this type of game you are competing on your well-practiced basics of body language of attraction, displayed through your charismatic value and strong frame control. The Good in “Body Language of Attraction” –  You are competing on your own field. You’ve spent years developing precisely ...

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Why is Body Language Training in Daygame Useless?

Body Language Training

Body Language Training in Daygame     Body language training in daygame is useless because it’s all about inner game, limiting beliefs, and a ton of practice. Let me elaborate further on this and prove to you that it’s vital to master your inner state, emotions, resolve inner conflicts and establish an unbreakable core full of confidence. I can guarantee you that, ultimately if you take care of those points above, and the ones I cover below, you won’t need time to waste on body language training, as it will ...

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3 Body Language Attraction Principles to Get the Girl

Body Language Attraction Principles

 3 Advanced Body Language Attraction Principles   The undeniable truth about developing body language attraction is that when you’re new to the game, your first couple of years approaching girls, processing feedback, straightening out your inner game, and so on, will lead to a deep-level identity change. However, your first 1500 approaches you don’t really have charismatic value just yet and your game is a bit of a pretense. At this point your game is just a value hologram instead of a real authentic thing. When you get all your ...

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3 Steps on How To Read Body Language in Daygame

How To Read Body Language

How To Read Body Language in Daygame Fix your own mistakes by addressing your own body language flaws  If you want to know how to read body language, you have to understand it’s not an exact science. The insights I’m going to discuss below are merely insightful ideas to help you get proper understanding of how you’re doing in your interactions with women. The best way to learn how to read body language is to go out and literally practice it. Learning theory on body language and reading a body ...

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Shocking 3 Body Language Secrets You Didn’t Know

Body Language Secrets

 3 Body Language Secrets You Didn’t Know  Top 3 Vital Body Language Secrets To Keep in Mind:   In fact these secrets aren’t all that secretive in the first place. You’ve come across this, but I am sure you have failed to apply these basic principles many times. Learn your basics and you’ll be able to apply them well, to achieve excellent results with Daygame. Body Language Secrets #1 You calibration is the real key. At all points in the set, you are keeping the fishing line at an optimal tension. ...

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Your Body Language Book of Attraction Explained

What you didn't learn in a body language book

 Your Body Language Book of Attraction   Eye Contact and the Body Language Book of Attraction    When it comes to women and dating, too many people focus on the right thing to say or many other little elements that ultimately don’t make that much of a difference in your final outcome. However, what really makes a difference is your body language and small sub-communications. Let’s talk about sub-communications and specifically eye contact. It’s such a subtle thing that too many people overlook this aspect, but it should be your ...

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Why is Learning Body Language Crucial for Daygame?

Learning Body Language Is Crucial in Daygame

Why is Learning Body Language Crucial for Daygame?  Why would you need to start learning body language now?    Here are your 5 tips on why learning body language is a crucial thing: 1) Body language is a crucial element in the PUA community because it sub-communicates your identity, confidence and other elements of your approach. Learning body language is important because that’s actually 80% of attraction, rather than what you say. Your body language communicates your inner insecurities, fears, neediness and many other aspects of approach you are not ...

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Your 3 Inner Game & “PUA Body Language” Mistakes in Daygame

Avoid These 3 PUA Body Language Mistakes

Top 3 Inner Game and PUA Body Language Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making in Daygame   Do You Make These 3 “PUA Body Language” Mistakes?      Here are some typical PUA body language mistakes and inner game mistakes that a lot of newbies make in daygame: 1. A typical PUA body language mistake stems from weak inner game. The newbies will rush to fill the silence with babble. This projects low value, as a guy who needs to talk to keep her there, a guy who isn’t comfortable ...

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Why Teasing Girls Should Become a Vital Part of Your Game

Teasing Girls

Why Teasing Girls Should Become a Vital Part of Your Game Are You Teasing Girls Regularly ?   A lot of nice guys forget this part of their game or are completely clueless and brainwashed by societies’s romance oriented approach towards dating. Another big commonality that adds to a lack of teasing girls is the monogamy oriented type thinking. You have to be the provider and respect her and love her and give her all your attention. Now I don’t condemn monogamy, but it’s not the ideal approach when it ...

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Top 5 Deep Inner Game Myths Demystified

Workings of Deep Inner Game

Top 5 Deep Inner Game Myths Demystified   Deep Inner Game # 1. You’re always trying to impress. You are consistently TRYING to impress with the best opener. You may have a pretty cure opener, but the fact that you’re seeking a reaction shows you’re missing the deep layer of the cake. Stop trying to get a reaction, whether it’s positive or negative. You are consistently being affected by somebody else’s responses, because you’ve assumed automatically she has higher value than you. Stop TRYING to get a positive response and ...

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What is PUA? Top 5 Things About the PUA Community

What is PUA?

What is PUA? Top 5 Things You Missed “ To understand the true nature “What is PUA?” and truly realize your own potential, you should spend at least a year doing approaches on the street and clubs and landing that beautiful woman in your bedroom to broaden your horizons about your current dating beliefs “ 1) PUA stands for Pick Up Artist. This entails learning the art of seduction through books, DVDs or Workshops and Bootcamps by various companies like,,, The 21Convention,,, Mystery Method’s ...

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5 Deep Inner Game Files Declassified

Inner Game Demystified

5 Deep Inner Game Files Declassified   Inner Game Secret # 1. The social blinders allow you to see opportunities only in bars, clubs introductions through mutual friends in your social circle. So in the beginning you’ll be going out to get your numbers up. Start creating positive references one after another and you’ll get the full close eventually and then gain mastery. One step at a time. Inner Game Secret # 2. Self-Honesty. You’re lying to yourself if you think approaching dozens of girls helps you gain more confidence. ...

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Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl

How to Open a Girl

 Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl   There is a big “tragedy” in the PUA community concerning the subject of opening a girl. I cal it a tragedy because everyone is so focused on opening girls with a perfect opener or look endlessly online for the best opener that they forget these 5 basic things I’m about to cover. 1) Opening Girls should be your secondary focus. You must focus on the 3-second rule. By this I mean screw the 3 second rule. 3 seconds is ...

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Do You Follow These 7 Steps Before You Open Girls?

Open Girls

The Best Way to Open Girls Using Proper Target Acquisition   Are you stuck endlessly approaching and looking for the best ways to open girls? This is a common problem that many guys experience when going out during daygame or trying to open girls. They put so much focus on how to open girls with the perfect opener that they skip over the initial phase of proper target acquisition. They also tend to forget about the basic concepts of inner game. “ Golden Rule: You Should Only Approach Girls Whom ...

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The 3 Biggest Myths of the PUA Community

PUA Community

Are You Aware of These 3 Myths About the PUA Community ? There are numerous sites across the web and many forums and threads of lazy people who complain about the PUA community. These are people who will never amount to anything and will never truly discover their full potential in anything. You may disagree with me and ask me why? I will tell you why. 1) We have been grown in a culture where everything is delivered quickly and results are expected quickly. The concept of mastery is so ...

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What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching?

Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s

What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching?  This is a question that comes up so much from many guys when they’re looking for the best ways to talk to a girl. So what should you say when you’re talking to girls? A) The biggest mistake that guys make is they focus on what to say when talking to girls. This should not be your focus at all. What you say matters 15 % of the total interaction most of the time. B) You should be focused on developing your overall ...

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Daygame Openers – Why you should forget about them.

How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place

Daygame Openers – Why you should forget about them.   Ok, so why should you forget about daygame openers? To achieve real success in Daygame, and use daygame openers properly, you have to understand that it’s not a bar scene and people are sober. Women are very in-tuned with what you’re saying, and they pick up on all subtleties which they may miss in a bar setting. That means you have to be nearly 100 percent authentic. Now why am I telling you this? What the hell does this have ...

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Why Daygame and How do I get women using it?

How Do I Get Women ?

How do I get women using this daygame approach? A lot of the dating advice I often come across is too vague and doesn’t really work in real life. It doesn’t give any specifics or go into any kind of detail on why you should or should not do a particular thing. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend, ready for a commitment or just someone to have fun with, I think daygame is the best alternative to any dating platform out there at the moment. Why does it beat clubs, ...

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How Do You Get A Woman Using Daygame Approach?

How do you get a woman?

Consider this as a quick-start guide that will slowly begin to answer your basic question of “How do you get a woman”.  If you are new to game and daygame in general don’t burn yourself out the first time around. Spread your approaches overtime. Don’t do more than 10 approaches your first time around. You will get discouraged and burned out too quickly, and will want to quit before you are really in the race to win. How Do You Get A Woman? I will break down fundamentals of daygame ...

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Building Foundations for Day Game Approaching

Day Game Approaching

Building A Strong Foundational Mindset For Day Game Approaching The main thing you have to focus first on if you’re building foundations for day game approaching is to create a supporting environment for yourself. If you are in the beginning stages and want to give Day Game Approaching a shot, the optimal way to start is to find someone who’s at your level and wants to try this stuff as well. Another alternative to this is to find someone who is just a little bit better than you and can ...

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How To: Getting Good With Women Fast

How To Get Good With Women Fast.

How To: Getting Good With Women Fast   1) What you must understand about Getting Good With Women Fast, is that there is no cure for bad game or magic pill or a million dollar bootcamp you can take, that will make you an instant master and you will be amazing with women over a weekend. A bootcamp is simply meant to get you started in the right direction. Any course you take or a book you come across in the PUA community, you have to understand that you still ...

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Follow These 6 Steps on How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place.

How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place

How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place?  1) If you want to understand how to pick up women in a busy place, the first thing you have to consider is the environment you’re in. Judge the “energy” of the atmosphere. Look at the traffic flow, if it’s a busy street, busy subway station, take note. The other thing you must understand is the time constraint. This means most of your interactions are going be fairly quick. My advice is, if you’re starting out with daytime approaching, this is ...

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Is Approach Anxiety Crippling Your Game & Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?

Approach Anxiety and Fear

Is Approach Anxiety Still Crippling Your Game & Why Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?   Approach Anxiety & The Waiting Game Are you waiting around, hoping that, you’ll get approached by that dream girl and she’ll magically appear in your life through your social circle? Your friends are probably telling you not to worry and to keep positive and keep going out and partying and it “ WILL JUST WORK OUT”. You are probably playing the waiting game and you made up some story in your head, as ...

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The Daytime Approaching – Mindsets You Must Have For Daytime Approaching

The Daytime Approaching

The Daytime Approaching – Mindsets You Must Have For Daytime Approaching If you’re just starting out with daytime approaching, it may be difficult at the beginning. My biggest recommendation for you is to get a wing and help each other out by keeping yourselves out of your head. Try to avoid talking about game, strategizing and focus on being in the moment and have fun. Pretend like you’re on an adventure and you’re exploring the city and having fun with your interactions. Realize right now that you’re most likely going ...

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How to Open a girl in DayGame, using Natural Inner Game.

How to Open a Girl in Day Game ?

How to Open a Girl in DayGame ? There are many issues surrounding the topic of DayGame and opening. Some of the early methods developed advised strongly on approaching the woman indirectly and recently this has been developed into a completely direct style of opening. In case you’re unsure what I mean by opening, it means starting a conversation with the woman. Direct style of opening indicates to a woman that you are showing interest to her from the first 10 seconds of the conversation. The other type of opening ...

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