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5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast   Below you’ll find that we’ve summarized 5 great steps for learning game quickly and also outlined some key steps in your journey on how to become a PUA as fast as possible. Step 1 – How To Become a PUA Fast Using Current Knowledge: Learning should be your key priority if you’re starting at ground zero. This step could not be underestimated because it’s the most crucial one for your future success. It’s very difficult to blindly walk into ...

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5 Steps on: How to Be Successful With Women

How To Be Successful With Women

Why Do People Fail ?    Your 5 Steps on How to Be Successful With Women   1. Most people never ask themselves the question of: how to be successful with women? They just hope it will work out and listen to friend’s advice who is just as bad with women or got lucky once and thinks he got it all figured out. Congratulations to you, because you’ve made the first step towards glory. It’s not an easy path, and it’s painful, full of frustrations and failures, but if you ...

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Why is Body Language Training in Daygame Useless?

Body Language Training

Body Language Training in Daygame     Body language training in daygame is useless because it’s all about inner game, limiting beliefs, and a ton of practice. Let me elaborate further on this and prove to you that it’s vital to master your inner state, emotions, resolve inner conflicts and establish an unbreakable core full of confidence. I can guarantee you that, ultimately if you take care of those points above, and the ones I cover below, you won’t need time to waste on body language training, as it will ...

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What is PUA? Top 5 Things About the PUA Community

What is PUA?

What is PUA? Top 5 Things You Missed “ To understand the true nature “What is PUA?” and truly realize your own potential, you should spend at least a year doing approaches on the street and clubs and landing that beautiful woman in your bedroom to broaden your horizons about your current dating beliefs “ 1) PUA stands for Pick Up Artist. This entails learning the art of seduction through books, DVDs or Workshops and Bootcamps by various companies like,,, The 21Convention,,, Mystery Method’s ...

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Top 3 Ways to Daygame

Types of Daygame

Do you know These Top 3 Ways to Daygame? High Value Authentic Daygame: This type of daygame is where you work on your real value through a personal transformation so you genuinely become a man of power, higher value than most and generally a type of guy any girl would feel lucky to meet. Your game alternatively becomes something that communicates your true authentic self as efficiently as possible. You don’t act as a role and most of your advances come from removing the obstacles to conveying that value. This ...

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Why can’t a DayGame PUA pick up women in a Club ?

Why a DayGame PUA Won't Pick Up At A Bar.

DayGame PUA’s mindset is in a different dimension than someone who’s trying to pick up women in a club environment. A DayGame PUA focuses on developing a more natural flowing conversation during day that’s purely authentic and doesn’t involve memorizing fake routines. If you’re by chance looking to become a natural with women, any DayGame PUA will tell you that becoming a natural is going to be much easier with DayGame.  It is essential to become a natural with any type of game, whether you’re looking to be amazing in ...

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(DayGame) Best Way of Picking Women Up is with DayGame.

DayGame Approach is best because it shows authenticity

Best Way of Picking Women Up is not at Clubs, But with DayGame. Let’s talk DayGame. The idea of DayGame was invented shortly after people realized how many beautiful women don’t go to bars and clubs. Ask yourself for a second, how many beautiful women do you see walking past you in a mall, coffee shop, on the street, college campus and just about anywhere you are during day? I bet you it’s in the hundreds and out of those women how many are you approaching or missing out on? ...

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