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November, 2014

  • 10 November

    Crazy Secret Pick Up Artist Opener That Works

    Deadly Pick Up Artist Opener That Works

     This Crazy Secret Pick Up Artist Opener Works   Many upcoming pick up artists spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect opener. What they seem to miss is that the opener is a not as important as they may think. An individual’s success or failure when trying to start a conversation with a woman largely depends on his mastery of attraction as opposed to his ability to properly open. All in all, openers are vital when it comes to making a good first impression. Below is a look ...

May, 2014

  • 7 May

    The Game Myth of Approach Anxiety

    Diminish Approach Anxiety

    The Game Myth of Approach Anxiety Narcissists react to low self-esteem by denying it and overcompensating for it. They can’t accept themselves so they create a False Idealized Self (the Super-Playing) and then construct a delusional world to support it. What is the one thing a narcissist can never accept? What is one thing that will lead to a complete unravelling of his FIS and the mental meltdown that results? Mystery Method’s kryptonite:   “ Confronting his own low self-esteem “   Mystery knew approach anxiety was real, so he ...

April, 2014

  • 29 April

    5 Steps on: How to Be Successful With Women

    How To Be Successful With Women

    Why Do People Fail ?    Your 5 Steps on How to Be Successful With Women   1. Most people never ask themselves the question of: how to be successful with women? They just hope it will work out and listen to friend’s advice who is just as bad with women or got lucky once and thinks he got it all figured out. Congratulations to you, because you’ve made the first step towards glory. It’s not an easy path, and it’s painful, full of frustrations and failures, but if you ...

  • 10 April

    Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl

    How to Open a Girl

     Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl   There is a big “tragedy” in the PUA community concerning the subject of opening a girl. I cal it a tragedy because everyone is so focused on opening girls with a perfect opener or look endlessly online for the best opener that they forget these 5 basic things I’m about to cover. 1) Opening Girls should be your secondary focus. You must focus on the 3-second rule. By this I mean screw the 3 second rule. 3 seconds is ...

December, 2013

  • 28 December

    Why Daygame and How do I get women using it?

    How Do I Get Women ?

    How do I get women using this daygame approach? A lot of the dating advice I often come across is too vague and doesn’t really work in real life. It doesn’t give any specifics or go into any kind of detail on why you should or should not do a particular thing. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend, ready for a commitment or just someone to have fun with, I think daygame is the best alternative to any dating platform out there at the moment. Why does it beat clubs, ...

  • 11 December

    Building Foundations for Day Game Approaching

    Day Game Approaching

    Building A Strong Foundational Mindset For Day Game Approaching The main thing you have to focus first on if you’re building foundations for day game approaching is to create a supporting environment for yourself. If you are in the beginning stages and want to give Day Game Approaching a shot, the optimal way to start is to find someone who’s at your level and wants to try this stuff as well. Another alternative to this is to find someone who is just a little bit better than you and can ...

  • 2 December

    Is Approach Anxiety Crippling Your Game & Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?

    Approach Anxiety and Fear

    Is Approach Anxiety Still Crippling Your Game & Why Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?   Approach Anxiety & The Waiting Game Are you waiting around, hoping that, you’ll get approached by that dream girl and she’ll magically appear in your life through your social circle? Your friends are probably telling you not to worry and to keep positive and keep going out and partying and it “ WILL JUST WORK OUT”. You are probably playing the waiting game and you made up some story in your head, as ...

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