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PUA Book
PUA Book

This Top PUA Book Helps You Achieve Mastery in 8 Weeks

Top PUA Book Can Help You Pick Up Hot Girls Like A Rockstar 


For a very long time, guys have let their ego get the better of them and have tried to suppress their need for help in the pick-up department. Until recently, it has almost remained taboo for a guy to ask his buddies for help in picking up girls. Even if a guy noticed that another guy always picked up girls with ease, asking for tips was simply unheard of. At best, a guy would probably ask a girl for some pointers; but we all know that never worked!

Fortunately, guys who have trouble picking up girls can now learn to be great pick up artists (PUA).

Just like anyone would need to learn certain skills from those who are good at them; it is now possible to learn the skills of other PUAs. Not only does this top PUA book teach them how to be great with girls, it teaches self-confidence which permanently boosts self-esteem.


This PUA Book Will Apply Anywhere In The Real World


This PUA book mentions an incident at Starbucks where a group of weird guys were learning the game from a well-known PUA. They were learning (or is it reciting) pre-written pick up routines and openers. Not surprisingly, they seemed uncomfortable and didn’t look like they were going to successfully get any girls any time soon.

That’s because learning to be a real PUA isn’t about memorizing routines, openers and closings. It’s about being a natural person, not an actor doing. It’s about saying and doing stuff that you think of according to a real life situation.

Instead of getting your head stuffed with weird pick up lines, this PUA book teaches you to be a natural. There is nothing worse than sounding like you are reciting lines from a kindergarten poem. Girls will easily notice some of those lines and your approach will quickly stale out.

This PUA book contains seduction techniques that have been tried successfully on women from all over the world. These techniques were not just cooked up by the author. They were derived from proven psychological techniques like NPL that apply the artful use of language and influencing one’s own subconscious as well as that of others.

These techniques are proven to work on all human beings; not just people from certain parts of the world. That means this PUA book can help any guy living anywhere on the globe. As long as you need a bit of help to turn you into the PUA you want to be, this is your book.

top pua book secrets
Top PUA Book Secrets

One Big Reason To Read This PUA Book


While most books try to teach seduction techniques that may work only in some cases: this PUA book has been tried and tested in the real world, on real women. The techniques it teaches have been put to the test in bars, coffee shops, streets, club; pretty much anywhere a guy can meet up with girls.

Being a PUA cannot be achieved through scientific methods of collecting statistics, doing surveys and that sort of thing. You need to address some personality issues within yourself if you hope to become a successful one. Issues to do with your confidence, self-esteem, grooming and deportment are key to becoming a successful PUA. That’s what this PUA book is all about, which is the one reason why anyone wanting to learn practical skills of seducing women should definitely read it.

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