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How to Open a Girl
How to Open a Girl

Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl

 Top 5 Things You Must Know About Opening a Girl

How to Open a Girl
How to Open a Girl


There is a big “tragedy” in the PUA community concerning the subject of opening a girl. I cal it a tragedy because everyone is so focused on opening girls with a perfect opener or look endlessly online for the best opener that they forget these 5 basic things I’m about to cover.

1) Opening Girls should be your secondary focus. You must focus on the 3-second rule. By this I mean screw the 3 second rule. 3 seconds is too long actually. You must create a mechanism in your brain that allows you to access your instinctual primal side of yourself that drives you to your desired woman instantly. That means lowering your reaction time to practically milliseconds. If you don’t get good at lowering your reaction down to a tenth of a second, then you allow far too many excuses into your brain to pop in. This means your feeling of anxiety increases, intensifies, gets strengthened and reinforced by further excuses.

2) Stop opening a girl you’re not really interested in. You should only be opening a girl you feel a DNA match for. That’s the girl that makes your blood boil and your head spin. This girl creates that crazy feeling inside you that makes you question reality and your own existence. This is a girl that makes you stop and wonder what the hell just happened. She makes you do the double take, and gives you the feeling of paralysis. You feel helpless like a little child. Capture this gut feeling and understand that this is your girl regardless what your friend thinks. If you care about your friends opinions that she isn’t pretty enough, than your inner game is weak. Go for this girl regardless how scared you feel because those interactions will begin to go incredibly well for you.

3) Practice to overcome that initial approach anxiety feeling. It’s never fully gone and you have to learn to overcome that feeling consistently and create a mechanism for overcoming this feeling. Read my other post on approach anxiety to get an idea on how to be able to work with it effectively.

4) Accept your primal-spirit awakening and speaking to you about your potential match. Our immune system responds instinctively to potential matches and you have to listen to that feeling of your primal sexual awakening. It’s a scientific fact and that’s how we evolve as species. Stop ignoring that feeling and trust your body, because it knows better than your logical mind does, who tells you her style is crappy or she has blonde hair and you only go for brunettes.

5) It takes time to fully develop that feeling to communicate with your DNA so start working on it today during your next target acquisition. Meditation is a good way to help speed up this process and strengthen your feeling. Start with 20 minutes a day and make that your habit over the next 6 months.

Thank you for reading my blog and as per usual leave me some comments below.

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