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Workings of Deep Inner Game
Workings of Deep Inner Game

Top 5 Deep Inner Game Myths Demystified

Top 5 Deep Inner Game Myths Demystified


  1. Deep Inner Game # 1. You’re always trying to impress. You are consistently TRYING to impress with the best opener. You may have a pretty cure opener, but the fact that you’re seeking a reaction shows you’re missing the deep layer of the cake. Stop trying to get a reaction, whether it’s positive or negative. You are consistently being affected by somebody else’s responses, because you’ve assumed automatically she has higher value than you. Stop TRYING to get a positive response and being validated by it. Assume worthiness. 
  2. Deep Inner Game # 2. You are worried about what others might think about your approach. Maybe she will laugh or throw a drink in your face. Maybe your friends will laugh. Maybe the security will come and kick you out or the cop will write you a huge ticket or fine for approaching her. Maybe Captain America will fly in to give you a high 5 on a shiny brand new unicorn, congratulating you for approaching her. Maybe you need to get out of your head. Self-amuse.
  3. Workings of Deep Inner Game
    Workings of Deep Inner Game

    Deep Inner Game # 3. You’re supplicating in body language because you don’t feel worthy enough in your head. That’s why it’s coming through. You’ve rationalized that the Victoria Secret model has more value than you because she is pretty and society agrees with that view point. Fuck that. You have your own view point and interests. She should meet them. Period. 

  4. Deep Inner Game # 4. You are trying to play some confident role which you really aren’t. You voice sounds too high at the end of your sentences and you speak too fast in the beginning. You’re too nervous and too scared to admit your vulnerabilities to her. Why? Just be authentic about it and tell her you are a little shy and don’t do this much. You maybe tired that day or having a terrible day, but you wanted to meet her anyway. Be congruent. Always.
  5. Deep Inner Game # 5. Overanalyzing every interaction. It becomes a huge mental masturbation which never ends in a pleasurable outcome. You overanalyze every interaction to the bits. You are the guy that will sit on a forum for hours on end and ask for advice from people who are likely worse than you and have never really done an approach in their lifetime, but give advice online pretending to be the PUA of the year. You will read dozens of articles to find out why she didn’t respond to your invite or flaked after your first date. You are always running game in your head when you’re in a club, or out during daygame and strategizing instead of creating a fun positive vibe. Abundance mentality


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