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Types of Daygame
Types of Daygame

Top 3 Ways to Daygame

Do you know These Top 3 Ways to Daygame?

High Value Authentic Daygame: This type of daygame is where you work on your real value through a personal transformation so you genuinely become a man of power, higher value than most and generally a type of guy any girl would feel lucky to meet. Your game alternatively becomes something that communicates your true authentic self as efficiently as possible. You don’t act as a role and most of your advances come from removing the obstacles to conveying that value. This game is the best way to attract girls at the top of level of beauty and character.To outsiders who are not privy to how you interact with the girl, you will be pulling “ outside your league “. 

Method Acting DayGame: This game is the best way to attract girls of low-self esteem, which is the vast majority. This type of game would fall flat on girls with high self esteem like most russian girls, because they would quickly “connect the dots” when it comes to your real-self and your projected self. Even if you’re lucky enough to get these girls on a date, they will sniff you out quite quickly and call out your fireworks and bullshit immediately. They’re very good at calling out the incongruent nature of your self and your presented public face so your daygame methodical approach fails miserably. It’s easy to fool them at first, but then you realize the mask has to come off to make a real connection and everything seamlessly falls apart in minutes.  

Types of Daygame
Types of Daygame

High Pressure Game: This type of game doesn’t give a girl an easy way out and this works really well on club girls that tremble under pressure as long as you keep hounding at them and work the concept of “buying temperature”. You keep escalating and projecting dominance and eventually they give in sooner rather than later because most guys never approach them this way.

An example of this is fixing a girl with your eye contact, physical escalation right from the beginning, splitting her from her friends, than exercising the “leading role” by dragging her out of the club. Again, this fails miserably when it comes to girls who have high self-esteem or true 9s and 10s. This works only on drunk skanks for same nigh lays but it fails miserably against the top girls who understand their value and exercise strong boundaries. With that being said, it’s possible to incorporate elements of high pressure game into the other types of game, but this is getting into mastery of daygame. However, always exercise leading, as it’s an essential ingredient in any given set. 


That’s all you need to know about the 3 types of daygame out there and game in general. As always leave me some comments below.

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