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Top 10 Best PUA Books

Top 10 Best PUA Books


The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists Neil Strauss (One of the best pua books)

The game is responsible for bringing out more guys to the world of pick-up as well as attraction. The game traces journalists like Neil Strauss’s vocation from normal irritated chump (AFC) to become the legitimate Pick up Artist (PUA). The most important thing concerning the Game is actually the high quality of the writing. Strauss is a convincing author who is the master of depiction in addition to informing.


The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed (One of the best pua books)

Mystery or in other words Erik Von Markovik is a famous pick up artist. He has played a role in popularizing many of the words that make up the lingo of pick up artistry such as a neg, AFC, kino and wingman. Just as the name suggests, the mystery method is a blueprint from approaching to closing from the master of the genre and so to say is essential for an aspiring PUA.


The Art Work Associated With Attraction By Robert Greene Robert (One of the best pua books)

Greene is recognized for his Machiavellian style works upon power and influence for instance ”The 48 Laws of Power” and ”The 33 strategies of war” however he is in several ways the founder of the Pick up genre with all the classic “the art of seduction.” He illustrates each of the several types of seducers for example the Rake, the siren and also the Comedian.


Double Your Dating by David De Angelo (One of the best pua books)

Double your dating by pick up artist David de Angelo is a more accessible book than other pick up artist literature. It offers ground essentials for seducing women. Double your dating is in particular suited to men whose aim is to improve their love life but are not so much interested in the more particular aspects of pick up.


Bang: The Pick Up Bible That Helps You Get More Lays by Roosh V (One of the best pua books)

This is a guide that tries to teach guys who luck the natural seduction techniques of casual sex. This book is teaching guys the way to seduce women in places like coffee shops and gym, among other places.


How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander (One of the best pua books)

Discussion in the world of pick ups concerning the differences between alpha and beta male behavior are very many. Men prefer being in alpha group rather than beta. Becoming an alpha male is the most comprehensive guide to the characters that make the alpha male unique.

It provides details on adopting these traits yourself, with everything from body language to attires you wear.


From Hello to Sex: The Man’s Guide to Getting Laid by John Sinn (One of the best pua books)

John has been rated TSB magazine as a number one pick up artist twice in a row. In his book ”Hello to Sex” he states the tips that allowed him to draw many women to his bedroom. This book is just about one night stands and hookups.


Make Her Chase You by Tynan (One of the best pua books)

Tynan was featured in The Game which tops the list and also the VH1 show the Pick up Artist. With Make Her Chase You, he introduces his own opinion on the pick up game.

Tynan shows how to bring together pick up so that it becomes part and parcel of one’s everyday life, and also how to be authentic and realize how to grow real relationships. It is a very great guide book for those men that want to go beyond one night stands.

Alpha Dog, Get The Bitch You Want A Mans Guide To Dating By A Woman by Wing Girl Kim (One of the best pua books)

This book reveals women’s perspective on seduction. Using the dog pack just as an example and Kim describes the tips of becoming the master of pack and seduce women to you with minimum efforts.


How to Attract Women: The Secrets of What Women Want by Carlos Xuma (One of the best pua books)

Another legend in the pick up artist fraternity is Carlos Xuma and this most popular work is How to attract women. He tries to illustrate to men how to develop high confidence and how to build attraction when interacting with ladies. His teaching styles can be identified to a lot of guys and therefore this is probably a book worth reading.

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