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3 Odd Concepts When To Text a Girl
3 Odd Concepts When To Text a Girl

These 3 Odd Concepts Explain When to Text a Girl

These 3 Odd Concepts Explain When to Text a Girl


There is this analysis paralysis debate happening in the PUA Community 24/7, on Facebook, YouTube Videos and seduction forums about when to text a girl. The final conclusion we have reached here at The Day Game is: When YOU Want to.


Let me expand on this conclusion with 3 massive concepts that will help you get her massively invested through Text and Phone Game.




Concept #1 – “ Boiling A Frog “ – When to Text a Girl? 


The first idea I want to introduce here is the the concept of boiling a frog:


“If you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump right out, but if you put it in a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn it up, it will sit there and literally boil to death”


This essentially means that you’re constantly increasing her “buying temperature” to the point where she’s so overwhelmed by your awesome text game and so frustrated that you don’t call as much as she wants you to, that she begins to invest more. She wants to call you and text you more often than you text her. Less is MORE.


This reverse psychology is basically giving her the gift of “chasing you” and investing more and more into the interaction until her “buying temperature” is so high that she may even suggest a meeting. Stop gaming so much. Less is always more.




Concept #2 – “ Sending the First Text “ – When To Text A Girl?


These 3 Odd Concepts Explain When to Text a Girl
These 3 Odd Concepts Explain When to Text a Girl


Did you get a chain going with her in person when you met, like we mentioned earlier? No? It’s ok. If you meet her in a club or daytime environment you SHOULD TEXT HER WITHIN 24 Hours after you’ve met her through cold approach. If it’s through warm approach or social circle, then you should wait a few days to avoid seeming too eager.


If she was drunk when you met her, you should text her the same night to establish in her mind and phone that you’re not just another random guy she gave her number to because she was drunk.



Texting Her Sooner Than Later


There are a number of reasons why you want to text her quickly. For starters, you need to text her while she still remembers who you are. Women meet dozens of guys every week, especially those of higher beauty and even if it went well, she will forget who you were soon if you don’t cement your presence in her mind quickly.


If a woman gives out her number a couple of times every week to a new guy, this essentially means she may be giving out her number to over a 100 guys every year, given we have 52 weeks in one year.



Her Feelings For You Will Increase or Decrease Based on Two Factors: 


  1. More good or bad experiences she has with you.
  2. Length of time between your initial meet and her communicating with you again.


While time has less of an effect on emotional momentum once you have had multiple encounters or slept with a woman, it is the most hazardous obstacle along your path to the first date. This is why it is crucial that you make your first contact while you are still emotionally relevant. The longer you wait, the more precious emotional momentum you are throwing away. This is especially important when dating younger women as they usually have a more social schedule and meet more people than a woman who is over 30.


With the First Text, if your Text and Phone Game is Good, your goal is NOT to sweep her off her feet in one hit. You are simply re-initiating contact and that’s your only sole purpose here. Reestablish connection with her. With Text and Phone Game a lot of guys are always trying to “win the war” with their first text message.


You should actually view it as a small battle that you must conquer and initiate a small conversation. You’re just getting the ball rolling here. That is it at this point. Don’t try to skip steps or look for a shortcut here.




Concept #3 – “What to Say in The First Text” – When To Text A Girl?


Always initialize Callback Humor. Cement that concept in your head. Think back to what topics, ideas, generalities, social and/or geographic stereotypes relating to her or relating to the topics in your original conversation and slightly twisting them into a joke


You should always remember that callback humor has a higher success rate than any text you can think of from scratch. Callback humor is custom, personal and easily relatable for her.




Tattoo These “When To Text a Girl Rules” on Your Arm and Memorize Them. 



  • Keep Your First Text Short
  • Make it Low Investment on her part (i.e. Do not ask for much, if anything, on the first text) 
  • Avoid making it full of emotion
  • Avoid asking her logical questions that take a lot of effort to answer. (logic is the silent killer of all attraction you’ve built up. The aim is to just get her to read the first text, smile, possible text back something short, and cement you in her mind
  • Avoid asking yes/no questions or anything that lends itself to a very short answer. Even a highly invested girl might appear (and then act) as if she wasn’t invested if you ask – “Did you meet my friend Charlie last night?” 
  • Always sign your name on the first text as further defense against the “who is this” text message response. (that dreaded text will cost many interactions). If she still sends you that dreaded text, after you signed your name, than you should probably reconsider hanging out with her. 



Example 1: 


You’ve met Jennifer in Toronto. The night you met, you discussed relationship topics and what you hate or love about relationships. You told her that you hate baby talk, clingy women, and that you hate “snuggle sessions” or “cuddling”. Jennifer laughed and agreed because she understood you weren’t serious about it. In return Jennifer revealed a story about her dating life where she stopped dating a guy who wanted to snuggle a lot. 



Your First Text Message Should Be: 


“Pleasure meting you Jenn. Let’s get together for a ‘cuddling’ session ASAP! – John” 



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