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The Daytime Approaching
The Daytime Approaching

The Daytime Approaching – Mindsets You Must Have For Daytime Approaching

The Daytime Approaching – Mindsets You Must Have For Daytime Approaching

If you’re just starting out with daytime approaching, it may be difficult at the beginning. My biggest recommendation for you is to get a wing and help each other out by keeping yourselves out of your head. Try to avoid talking about game, strategizing and focus on being in the moment and have fun. Pretend like you’re on an adventure and you’re exploring the city and having fun with your interactions.

Realize right now that you’re most likely going to fail pretty hard when you’re starting out with daytime approaching. I’d love to sit here and promise never never land with strippers on magical poles, and Meghan Fox begging you to do her doggy style, but that’s slightly unrealistic. If anyone out there is telling you they have the latest coolest loop or magic bullet or some other secret that other PUAs know nothing about, they’re marketing you their product straight up. Marketing is cool, but lying isn’t.

Now, for a second think back to your infancy, first you started crawling and walking and eventually you ran. At some point, you started training and then you ran pretty fast. However, along the way you experienced bumps, and bruises, but you got up and you believed that you could walk and run because everyone around you did. Right now everyone around you is probably telling you to quit, or society is telling you cold daytime approaching is impossible. They are probably infusing your brain with social conditioning bullshit that you can’t approach a woman during the day and have her come back to your place the same day. I’ve seen it happen and I want to tell you that whatever is possible during night pick up is just as possible during your daytime approaching. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying or have no game and their reality is limited.

Daytime Approaching at a library
Daytime Approaching at a library

The key is to understand that there is a steep learning curve, just like when you first started walking. The difference between your success with women now and your ability to run now is that society around you failed to provide you with accurate examples of what’s truly possible. I want to tell you that you create your reality entirely by yourself. If you surround yourself with the right people and see an advanced daytime approach done where a daygamer is pulling a girl home from the street during the same day, your reality will probably crumble.

Daytime approaching is a very powerful concept that I’m bringing to you from my experiences and my own reference points. It works regardless what anyone tells you. Quit watching Dr. Phil, standard Hollywood crap movies and listening to every day advice from your friends, women and other social media outlets who continuously feed your mind with “useless” social conditioning. This shit pollutes your brain and shapes your current reality and as you read this article you’ve probably just finished your Call of Duty kill streak or achieved a new World of Warcraft score and wondering why you don’t have a hot babe next to you. Social conditioning did it’s job and marketers sold you on their shit and made you a “happy” little gamer. You put your entire focus into gaming and there is your result, you achieved a new high score. Congratulations man, I’m truly proud of you! I used to average a 2.5 kill to death ratio also, but my focus changed and so did my results.

My question to you is, why are you not putting as much effort into improving your game and pick up skills? George Clooney wasn’t born charismatic or confident and neither were you but what you focus on, expands and it expands fast. If you do what you’re doing now consistently you will not change your life in any way and you’re going to get the same results you’ve always gotten with daytime approaching. Start with a small step today and learn a little theory and go out and practice bit by bit.

Push your comfort zone harder every day and you will begin to see a massive positive change in your life. I’ve gone through this grind and I want to be your voice of truth at the end of the tunnel that tells you to make the first step.

Leave me some deep life changing thoughts that you had, I love reading comments.


Cheers, see you on the other side bro.

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