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PUA Community
PUA Community

The 3 Biggest Myths of the PUA Community

Are You Aware of These 3 Myths About the PUA Community ?

There are numerous sites across the web and many forums and threads of lazy people who complain about the PUA community. These are people who will never amount to anything and will never truly discover their full potential in anything. You may disagree with me and ask me why? I will tell you why.

1) We have been grown in a culture where everything is delivered quickly and results are expected quickly. The concept of mastery is so rare these days and people want results instantly. Whether it’s weight loss or becoming good at seduction, nobody has patience. If you disagree with me look at the majority of marketing and advertising and how it’s aimed at getting results fast. Why? Because, we live in a society where people have zero patience and are plain lazy. They are just looking for the magical solution to anything. They want the best formula and sadly a lot of marketing agencies are trying to market it that way and so does the PUA community. However, once you learn their “ way in “ or the “ one weird trick I use to talk to women to get laid instantly “ you quickly understand that there is no “way in” and you’ve paid for a short cut which actually is a long journey to mastery many will never get to. You’re probably one of them because you’re reading this post and it’s making you angry. Go ahead get angry and cry me a river. In reality this won’t change anything substantially in your life or mine. Mastery changes things in a big way. Are you the dabbler or a master?

PUA Community
PUA Community

2) The reality is that these PUA community companies would never make a dime if they told you that learning to be a true seduction master was going to take many years. Be honest to your self right now. Would you actually buy that 500 $ product or pay 2000 $ for a Bootcamp? I didn’t think so. Majority of people are  “ dabblers “ and they will not put in more than a couple hours or attempts to get good at something. This attitude translates into many domains of their life. They sit in their favorite comfort zone and are afraid to truly master anything in their life and really make it work. They fail a couple times and don’t have the strength to pick it up where they fell and try again. A lot of game is based on actually failing. Very few people are willing to fail 1000s of times to master the art of PUA.

3) Failing at something is actually what success is. Look at the top 5 percent of rich people or read biographies of people who are truly successful. They all failed dozens or in some cases hundreds or thousands of times at a particular task and made it big on attempt number 456, because they finally mastered it and deep down they knew they would eventually make it. I bet you a genius pianist who mastered the art of playing the piano would also master race car driving because he’s developed the core values required for mastery. Give that man enough time and I assure you he will find a way to master it if he’s passionate enough about it. The truth is you’re not passionate enough and you don’t want it badly enough to be good at seduction.

Cheers daygamer and as per usual, leave us some comments below.

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