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Texting Women in 2014
Texting Women in 2014

Why Texting Women in 2014 Has Become More Difficult Than Ever Before?

Why Texting Women in 2014 Has Become More Difficult Than Ever Before?

It seems like every year as we get more efficient ways to get information and “connect” with other people, we actually tend to stay in the virtual world of communication more often than ever before. We’re being sucked into the virtual reality more and more and disconnecting from the real personal communication. It’s a sad present reality, and if you disagree with me, I challenge you.

Ask yourself, how many out of your 500+ Facebook friends or the 40+ people you’ve texted on your texting app in the last week and then you’ve met up with in person recently? Welcome to our present social matrix that we call reality!

After all, we’ve got a smart phone and there are so many social media channels to connect with people. You would think that connecting with someone in real life is easier than ever. In fact sadly, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth.


Living in the virtual reality is becoming a normal habit for any average guy or girl. 


Shinier, more entertaining things win over your cute texts because women “live in the heat of the moment” and most can’t pay attention for longer than 5 seconds. It’s like we’re being bombarded by an overload of information short-circuiting our span to less than 5 seconds. I’ve been a victim of this many times and women are even worse with information overload, because they tend to spend more time in the non-rational things and in the emotional state of mind that’s easily influenced by the next “big” news event.

On top of all this informational explosion in social media and other technological advances influencing our social behavior, our egos are being blown out of proportion more than ever before.

Whether it’s endless amount of guys messaging a girl and validating her constantly through desperate behavior, some new marketing message that persuaded her to buy new shoes on sale, or the “new, awesome guy” in her life that makes her feel better about herself, we tend to overlook the smaller and finer things in life like another person making a real effort to connect with someone in a truly unique way. You’re actually not as important today for me, because you’re guy #25 today and I will “get” what I want eventually through my “spammy” approach anyway because I don’t have the patience or desire to truly work for what I desire. God forbid I’d have to put in some real effort and wait for something more than a few hours or days. If I’m not getting it here, I’ll get it elsewhere because I can either Google it really quickly or send out 25 copy pasted messages to get what I want.

Our young generation has become so career focused that the most common excuse today you hear with women and some men is “I don’t have time” for “dating” whatever they define that term to be in today’s fast world.

The idea of a hook up culture has become so viral that as human beings we’re starting to view our interactions with the other sex as easily replaceable instead of a truly unique experience to get to know another human being on a personal level. We view other humans as something we can use to gratify our wants, needs and indulge our egos with meaningless sex and female trophies on our shelf of conquests.

Why bother to meet someone new, where I could just go over to my ex or my fuck buddy again and we could just ‘bang”. I’m horny today and I need it now. There will be many more my way and until then I’ll just bang whatever comes my way.

In the world of “texting women” people forgot that we can actually dial a number and talk to a voice on the other side of the phone. However, both sexes are quickly forgetting what that even means today, because it’s inconvenient and nobody wants to appear like they’re actually ‘making an effort’. Why would you?

Widespread overused messages that “work”, are quickly becoming so overused by “desperate” men to get any form of attention that this spammy texting behavior becomes ineffective quite quickly, especially on various dating platforms like Tinder or any other SMS type apps.

After texting women, nowadays they begin to say stuff like “I’ve already had someone text me that..” and so on. We are entering the copy paste lifestyle that’s wonderful and efficient. Look at your neighbor and copy paste his lifestyle and behavior to get what he has immediately.


Texting Women in 2014
Texting Women in 2014

It’s a shortcut that often leads us astray in the long-term. We loose our truly unique selves in this chaotic lifestyle. After all, why bother creating your life, uniquely refined identity, or a cool personal message to a girl if she’ll likely never respond?

It’s a vicious circle that has taken North American Metropolitan cities by storm. Nobody really knows whether it’s the poor “Text and Phone Game” from guys or the overwhelming amount of endless texts sent to women from desperate men hoping to get something and ending up empty-handed. Perhaps, it’s the women themselves who can’t decide who to respond to, and simply settle for living in the world of constant validation or attention without really committing to any particular guy. Ultimately they just can’t decide or make a quick decision in the spur of the moment without giving it much of a thought. To be fair, smart decisions require time and time is not something we have today.

In the end we as human beings have become so lost in our overwhelmingly technocratic informational age, that we no longer understand what’s better for us and we need a friend to help us decide or some stranger online to help us choose the right answer or make the right decision about a particular person.

We no longer ask our unique inner being, about what’s really vital for us and who do we truly feel we may resonate with. We begin to apply the rational mind and filter out all of our “bad” potential candidates without giving it a second thought.

After all, there is such an influx of people that we think a better one is just around the corner. We’re young and there is plenty of time. It’s ok to make a poor choice and make thousands of mistakes because there is plenty of options. The right one is bound to come our way sooner or later. Correct?

In the end, it’s better to just settle for someone right now, get a fast fix, because I know that ultimately I don’t need to commit to them in any real way. They’re just in my life temporarily to be replaced very soon by someone just as good or even better.

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