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Texting Girls
Texting Girls

5 Golden Rules for Texting Girls After Daytime Approaching


Your 5 Golden Rules for Texting Girls


Questions about texting girls are always coming up in the PUA community. It’s always the most debated topic in the PUA community and there is so much good and bad advice out there. Do you text a girl you like or do you call? Some advise you to never call and only text, others say you should call her up because nobody ever does these days. There is so much mystery and so much advice on this that I’ve come across and experimented with that I will try to summarize it the best I can in the next 5 points.

I find it’s best to call after 3-4 text exchanges, but ONLY if you’re comfortable on the phone and you’re not getting anywhere with text messaging in terms of setting up a date. Don’t over invest with phone calls and excessively calling. Keep it under 2 phone calls a day. If she’s not responding to your texts don’t call, but if you’re not able to create a nice momentum going, where you two are texting back and forth, then you should call at some point. Do not ask her out on the first phone call, and if she refuses on the second phone call, then try again on the fourth phone call. I will generally only call no more than 5 times. If you’re calling anymore than 5 times over a spread of few weeks time and she’s not accepting the date offer, then cut your loses and move on. It was never going to happen anyway.

Golden Rules for Texting Girls Using Phone and Text Game:


Texting Girls
Texting Girls

A) Respond at your own convenience and don’t always text back right away, otherwise you seem too available and she thinks you don’t have anything interesting happening in your life. This doesn’t mean that you should wait a certain amount of time all the time like respond as fast as she does or wait a day between every text message. That’s dumb, and your rule should be to respond as you please. Sometimes you have nothing going that day so you respond instantly and sometimes you will take a few days to respond to her. It all really depends on you and your own mood.

B) You are aiming to get a nice momentum rolling and when it’s hot and heavy, you’re texting each other non-stop instantly, that’s when it’s on. That’s when you ask her out, on the high note. Whether it’s a phone call or you’re texting girls, you should aim to ask her out, when investment and momentum is high. If you started off the interaction texting, no need for a phone call, because it’s slightly over-investing. Investment should be equal from both sides when you’re asking her out, to make sure she feels that she deserved your attention and time. We as humans always value what we can’t have instantly. Delayed gratification is key here and it’s discussed more in depth in Phone and Text Game.  

C) Avoid emotional texting or asking her out within the first 3 texts after meeting the girl. Do not make plans with her right away in the first couple texts after taking the number. It’s a merely there to reinitiate contact at a later time so you two can hang out again. Formal, logical interactions are also bad because women don’t respond well to logic and are purely emotionally driven when it comes to dating. This approach should help you when you’re texting girls.

D) Create a love bubble scenario, where you’re both going on a cool vacation, getting married in Vegas and winning the lottery, or you’re doing something ridiculous like robbing a casino. Keep it playful, make her invest and over-exaggerate it to make it silly. The marriage one generally works well and you can go as far as fighting like a married couple and taking on various role playing characters of angry deranged wife and humble hard working husband. Stereotypical fighting roles are the funniest.

E) Avoid being overly sexual before the first date. Asking her about her sexual fantasy make work well and she may reveal some stuff but she’s very unlikely to actually go out on a date with you. I’d suggest you keep the sexual talk down, at least after you actually get physical with each either on the first or second date. It’s a safer course for many people starting out in daygame or those at intermediate level. Sexual texting is getting into mastery of the subject.

Use these 5 Golden Rules for texting girls to your advantage and you’ll improve your Phone and Text Game.


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