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Teasing Girls
Teasing Girls

Why Teasing Girls Should Become a Vital Part of Your Game

Why Teasing Girls Should Become a Vital Part of Your Game

Are You Teasing Girls Regularly ?


A lot of nice guys forget this part of their game or are completely clueless and brainwashed by societies’s romance oriented approach towards dating. Another big commonality that adds to a lack of teasing girls is the monogamy oriented type thinking. You have to be the provider and respect her and love her and give her all your attention.

Now I don’t condemn monogamy, but it’s not the ideal approach when it comes to being a player. If you’re adopting a player’s attitude and you want to the PIMP, then you should be teasing girls consistently. In fact you need to be taking it to a whole new level as discussed in these RSD products.

1. When you’re Teasing girls, it shows them you are confident in your self.

Teasing Girls
Teasing Girls

2. It demonstrates to her that you have boundaries and are not afraid to speak your mind without feeling like you’ve said something wrong.

3. Nice guys avoid teasing girls, because they’re too scared to “offend” the girl, since the girl may start to think badly about you and that special girl will leave you forever. Failing at teasing girls is most likely a problem with your inner game.

4. If she doesn’t share your viewpoints on the same subject, that’s even better. You can explore that tension and turn it around and frame it in a way that you desire. By disagreeing, you create attraction from it or reframe the interaction into a more teasing frame based on her lack of awareness on the subject. You could sexualize it without trying to be funny about it. It’s not a joke, don’t add “lol” at the end of your text message. You’re a man and you mean what you said and she will either accept it or not. If it happens to be a subject you both enjoy and you are knowledgable in that area, then you should bring it out and “show her the way”. Teasing girls doesn’t mean insulting them directly for no reason, but including something like oh “ You’ve got a bit of an accent but I see you’re phasing out of it “. Make it relatable to her, and avoid using canned material. Authenticity is key here, when you’re teasing girls.

5. Teasing girls is essential because it’s a way of breaking her reality and giving her those emotional spikes that cause deep emotional attraction in her. This is the foundation to attraction and you should build this type of approach into your opener. Your openers should be teasing girls from the start in cold approach pick up, regardless if it’s a daygame approach or cold approach pick up during night in a club.

Cheers, daygamer! Leave me comments below.

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