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Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s
Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s

What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching?

What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching? 

This is a question that comes up so much from many guys when they’re looking for the best ways to talk to a girl. So what should you say when you’re talking to girls?

A) The biggest mistake that guys make is they focus on what to say when talking to girls. This should not be your focus at all. What you say matters 15 % of the total interaction most of the time.

B) You should be focused on developing your overall presence, your vibe and energy around women that becomes infectious. Your energy level should reflect the environment you’re in, and reflect the girl’s energy levels. If the girl is having a lot of fun and you come in with a lower energy level, she’s not likely going to engage with you. Nobody wants a drop in state of their energy but everyone wants to increase it. Your job is to slightly increase their state of energy and try to maintain those peaks throughout the interaction by monitoring the interaction levels.

C) When talking to girls, you’ll see them often sizing you up immediately within the first couple minutes of the interaction so it’s important to sustain your vibe and slightly increase your energy levels from your initial “entry point”. This is part of being congruent and it comes off non-needy and displays confidence. This tells her you’re your own person who enjoys the interactions for the sake of enjoying them and are care free. This is super attractive. You want to increase your energy just slightly, but when your voice goes up too high, it looks like you’re trying to hard, and instead forcing your vibe on her, focus on letting her come in to your vibe to “share” your higher energy state with her.


1. Consider using this opener when talking to girls in daytime approaching. Try using one of these lines to get you started, and use these on more advanced 9s and 10s :


You: “I just saw you (what she’s doing here, i.e. Walk past, talking to a friend) and I started walking towards you, thinking why did I notice you. You’re obviously pretty, but then I finally got it. You’re dressed in a strange way” (said in a neutral, slightly authoritative manner) without holding anything back or seeking a reaction.


Her:  She’ll probably be shocked and ask what do you mean? What’s wrong with my style?

Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s
Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s


You: when you’re talking to girls you could say something like Oops, that’s not what I meant, it was meant to be a compliment, rather you have an individual style ”


You: It’s eye catching and different, is there a story behind that? “


Then you just keep stacking forward with observational statements and intuitive statements about her as well. 


2.When talking to girls avoid questions and use conversational statements instead. This is not an interview and you have to display a little bit of value. Once you get the opening statement right, you get her intrigued and already slightly qualified, move on to making statements about her like         “ You look like a Czech model who does XYZ ” or  ” you look like a creative type that reads a lot “ or “ you strike me as a yoga type girl who enjoys reading about mystery novels while having a lattè ”. It could be also something simpler like “ You look Russian “.


3. Remember when you’re talking to girls it’s always best to use statements even if you get it wrong about her, it’s ok. This always drives the conversation forward. Now that you’re here in this phase you should consider using a slight tease like “You’re foreign right?” or “What brings you out today miss creativity?” Once you get her more invested and telling you about her life more and more, just keep reducing energy levels so she feels like she has to keep qualifying herself to you and you just keep nodding along and guiding her with small nods of approval and saying “Right, ugh huh” ” Of course, I see” ” I understand”. That’s a big part of what you need to know when talking to girls.


This is the core foundation that you should be familiar with when talking to girls. This is slightly more advanced stuff though, so be aware when you’re talking to girls and using these. If you’re just starting out, this may not work for you just yet, but keep at it and you’ll suceed.


Cheers and go play the game and become The Best Daygamer out there.


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