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Improving Daytime Game
Improving Daytime Game

These Deadly “ Daytime Game ” Subtleties Cost You Numbers

These Deadly Subtleties in “ Daytime Game ” Get You Solid Numbers


Vibing with a girl on the street when you’re running daytime game is not an easy thing to do. However, the following subtleties will help you make the numbers more solid so she follows up with you later.

PUA - The Game
PUA – The Game
  • You should focus your attention on having a fun two-way conversation that gradually draws her in and then you gradually add sprinkles on top to strengthen the hook of the interaction or conversely ease the tension, but it’s essentially riding the wave of the sexual energy.
  • Remember to throw in occasional light challenges and don’t accept everything that a girl says. Show genuine enthusiasm in the subject and direct it in ways which satisfy your interest.
  • Rather than cluttering your mind with specific lines or techniques at this point, it’s better to just embrace the free-flowing spirit of conversation and keep yourself firmly in the NOW. This is a beautiful moment that you’ve created and you should be firmly rooted in this moment because that’s what creates the realness and authenticity of the interaction.
  • Free up your intuition to read her signals and nudge you in the right direction.





Master Pick Up Artist
Master Pick Up Artist

Feel the Strength of Her Hook During Daytime Game


If you sense she’s still not quite fancying you, drop in slightly more “push” through teasing and challenging. If she’s responding great and you’re sure she fancies you then you’ll move into rapport sooner. This prevents you from overloading the set and making it too fizzy. Remember the fishing line metaphor.

Attraction material tightens the tension on the line and too much will surely snap it and break it. This is the dreaded “over-gaming” in action. So once you’ve spiked her up and gotten your hook, you need to let the line out a little so she can flap around, tire herself out, and drive the hook further down into her. Upon hitting the hook point your whole demeanor shifts.

At this point you’ve done your job and you should now lean back and let her work for you:


  1. Fold Your Arms
  2. Wipe the Smile of Your Face
  3. Talk Less


Any further attraction material will not only prevent the interaction settling down and becoming real authentic communication, but it will also sub-communicate that you aren’t confident of your own value.

How To Improve Your Hooking During “Daytime Game”

This is likely because of the following three reasons: 


  1. daytime game
    Daytime Game

    Lack of entitlement: You don’t believe a girl like that would be attracted to and have with you, so you can’t process her signals telling you that’s precisely her intention. You look for over-confirmation.

  2. Calibration: You are too logical and too clueless, or perhaps too drunk. You simply don’t know what you are looking for and how to distinguish the signal from the noise.
  3. Model: You haven’t been properly taught the technical progression of an effective seduction model. Perhaps, you’ve been sidetracked with charlatan YouTube Videos or the terrible forum advice by theory junkies. You have no expectation of the appearance and timing of signals thrown out by the girl, so you aren’t receptive to them.


You must develop a keen understanding of how to tune out the girls “noise” in her behavior and to focus in on the tiniest, faintest “signal” that gives away her interest in the seduction all-together. This is a key skill to develop for every daygamer and it can only be done through repeated exposure in the field. This is why advanced players can seem to smooth because they literally see things that you might not.

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