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What to Text A Girl?
What to Text A Girl?

Are You Still Figuring Out What To Text a Girl ?

Still Figuring Out What To Text a Girl?


The biggest problem that guys experience in daygame comes about when they’re thinking about texting a girl and specifically What to text a girl?. The content that matters during your texting conversation is very surface layer and many problems that happen with texting are because of:


  1. Her emotional being and physical presence is outside your control.
  2. Her environment is influencing her more than you at the present moment.
  3. She’s mentally and emotionally not invested in you as much as she could be.
  4. You fucked up in the interaction and didn’t commit her enough to follow up.
  5. There are about a billion more infinite reasons why and only God knows from here on why something didn’t end up the way you pictured it. Sometimes I even doubt whether he knows why. 
How to Text a Girl
How to Text a Girl


After You’ve Met Her You Must Consider the Following Before Texting a Girl: 


  1. How long you’ve been in the interaction.
  2. How the interaction went in terms of how hooked she is.
  3. How much did she invest into the interaction.
  4. Did you commit her enough to follow up with you or did you leave it to chance?


The above 1 – 4 are huge predictors whether she’ll follow up with you later on and whether she’ll respond to your advances down the line. Cut the cord early on and if she doesn’t commit then and there, let her go in the interaction. Don’t settle for just some number. It’s not a trophy to cherish.

Now, everything else is just outside your control and you shouldn’t worry about that type of stuff ever in your entire life because it will just cause you unnecessary headache. Go have a latte instead.

After you’ve met the girl you should send her a text the same day a few hours after. DO NOT WAIT 3 days. DO NOT WAIT 347 days or until 2018 to appear non-needy. You’re retarded if you do! When you cold approach a girl, you must understand that her emotions will fade fast for you because you have no connection with her immediate social circle and you’re not quite cemented in her mind so there is less commitment and no pressure on her to follow through. Thus, you’re less important at that moment in time. You only have a window of a 1 to 2 days at best to secure that “mental spot” in her mind and phonebook.

Send her a “feeler text” with some call back humor that relates to her personality directly.

What to text a girl if she’s in fashion ? – “I bet you’re doing your nails now” – George. If she’s a numbers girl and works in accounting “I bet you’re doing taxes already”- George.

What to text a girl if she’s creative? – “I bet you’re painting with your fingers right now, you child!” – George. DO NOT send her something like “Nice to meet you” or anything overly emotional. That kills attraction instantly and it’s over-investing on your part.

Focus on re-establishing contact. Once she replies make some funny comment and ask her about her weekend. Create a little bit of banter back and forth to create enough emotional momentum to get her “ready” for the phone call. After a little bit of investment from her, you should call her. This makes you stand out from the crowd because everyone today is a texter and she’s committed enough to answer your call. Most girls love to text a lot and most guys just accept that frame and only text. They’re afraid to call because “that’s balsy” and you may get rejected and loose your lead. That type of “texter mentality” puts you in the category of “every other dude”. You want her to remember you and think of you more than other guys, because you called and you were bold in your actions and moves.

In case you failed to establish contact properly and got the dreaded: “Who’s This?” text. Most guys respond with a direct logical response that instantly kills all attraction, intrigue, and your chances because you typically qualify yourself with something like this:

What to Text A Girl?
What to Text A Girl?


“lol, it’s me John, Remember? I was wearing the red jumper” 

Or “I can’t believe you don’t remember me, how many men did you speak to that night lol” 

Instead, Here is What To Text a Girl: 

“ I’m the 5ft’2 retard with small sweat patches under his arms that you professed your dear love for” 


“ You’ve got 3 guesses to get this right “


“Your deepest darkest secret is safe with me, I promise not to tell anyone if you promise not to tell mine“ 

Avoid This Type of Responses and Learn more about these mistakes and how to structure these things properly here in the Phone and Text Guide. 

The above texts should be used for damage control when texting girls. Avoid them at all costs by reestablishing contact fast enough the same night or later that day. Otherwise you’re making life difficult for yourself.

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