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Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game
Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game

3 Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game

Learn About These 3 Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game 


The biggest problem to get over for most men getting into the game and learning about the inner game,   is getting the girl attracted and hooked on your  personality.  Majority of guys will build up decades of reference experience which ultimately just confirm their unattractiveness identity as they do the exact same thing consistently and give up entirely on making any progress on the game.

Thus, when their inner game becomes much stronger and they master the secrets of attraction, it’s like giving crack to an addict. Discovering the biggest secrets to amplifying the attraction is only the beginning of the journey. Most of them don’t realize that moving along the path of that journey is a completely different beast in itself that takes a whole different approach to master.

This is where the inner game of daytime approaching is at play. If we look at mechanics of the inner game in daytime approaching, it really comes down to these 4 crucial things.

  1. Comfort Building 
  2. Establishing Strong Rapport Rooted Within a Particular Topic
  3. Maker Her Invest As Heavily As Possibly 
  4. Running Down The Time of The Set


Comfort Building Stage: 


At the beginning of the street stop, you are hitting her with a huge spike, and you want to overwhelm her with a masculine presence & find a way to trigger her appease/please natural responses. This is where she gets excited and possibly a little wet.

She senses a sexual threat and she is looking for a way to quickly size you up, so she presents herself well and then she runs quick calculations on whether she’ll like to see you again. This is quite overwhelming for her and maybe too much all at once.

It is for this reason, why the vibing phase is a like a can of Pepsi. If you shake it too much, it will explode all over the floor and remember that at this point her energy is higher and her heart maybe racing. Whether she’s kicking her feet and laughing or standing just like a deer in the headlights, you can be sure that her heart is thumping like a trip hammer.

You should be looking out for fizziness and dampeners throughout the interaction. As the set progresses forward:

Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game
Shockingly Simple Secrets of The Inner Game
  • Keep your movements Ultra-Slow and patient (pacing) (This Inner Game Principle Gets Her Intrigued) 


  • Reduce the speed with which you switch between the matched pairs (volatility). Meaning when you switched between investments, you gradually take more and more time to respond and you’re sucking her into your world. Take longer pauses as you respond. This creates a suction type of dynamic that allows her to fall head over heals for you. (This Inner Game Principle Makes Her Wet) 


  • Allow each of your conversational turns to be slightly lengthier than usual. Keep her investing more and respond less. Change the initial investment dynamic from 90% you & 10% her investing, to 30% (you) & 70% her investing. (This Inner Game Principle Puts Into a “Hypnotic State of Intrigue”) 

You want her to relax and slowly get drawn into the conversation so she becomes more receptive to what you’re saying. Otherwise it’s a waste of time and you won’t likely see her again.

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