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Simply Ways to Text Girls
Simply Ways to Text Girls

The Biggest PUA Question: Should You Text Girls or Just Call?

Should You Text Girls or Just Call?



Through extensive testing and failing at this, the conclusion is that it’s better to first text before you call. Thus, you should plant the seed before you make the “big phone call”. Get the Text and Phone Game which describes many scenarios and answers many more of your questions.




Here is Why You Should Text Girls Before You Call First:


  • Why You Should Text Girls Before You Call First
    Why You Should Text Girls Before You Call First

    The First Text can be used to immediately capitalize on the emotional momentum from the first meeting, by using carefully pre-planted Callback Humor in your interaction.


  • Texting requires little effort and represents a low social pressure situation through which she can talk to you.


  • By making the First Text a playful one, you appear as non-needy and allow her to relax and play along.


  • You can take the time to calibrate your responses according to her level of investment and positive/negative responses that you receive from her texts.


  • She can’t always pickup when you call and every time she doesn’t answer, it costs you emotional momentum and a slight drop in value. Texts can be read and responded to at any time. Plant the seed early and avoid the pitfalls.


With all of this in mind, for the majority of situations, it pays to send a series of ‘low investment’ text messages before you make your initial phone call. This can literally be the difference between success and failure with a woman you have just met.


Once you get her to invest into your series of ‘low investment’ texts, she’s now ‘ready’ for a phone call. It’s now less pressure and the phone call is less of a big deal at this point. Use this concept to your advantage and don’t screw it up again.


Side Note On Why You Should First Text Girls: 


Guys will often ask their female friends for an opinion on texting and what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps, they’ll ask why a particular text worked or didn’t.



Here is the MISCONCEPTION When You Text Girls:

“I’ve heard female friends say that they hate when guys just text. Shouldn’t I just call her first?” 


This misconception often comes from women in relationships or women who are into a particular guy. These women simply want their guy to call more, instead of sending texts.


A woman will often rationalize that she is annoyed by this habit, but the truth is that she is usually just frustrated because the guy is ‘playing her’ with great text game. If these same women were to meet a guy through coal approach, they might say one thing regarding The Big Question.


However, their actions will dictate the outcome and prove contradictory to her “logical mind’. Basically, she doesn’t just want all guys in general to call more, but only that “one” who has gotten her to invest through texting more and more. The fact that he doesn’t call is what gets her frustrated, not the fact that other guys have not called.


Beyond Inner Game of Texting Girls


Accept that you are going to experience failure as part of the dating process and focus on increasing your overall success.


  • Callback Humor is a crucial tool for bringing a woman back to the emotional state which she was in when she first met you.


  • Deliberately seed the initial interaction with opportunities for Callback Humour.


  • After first meeting a woman, write down everything that you can remember about her that you can playfully twist into a role play, joke, exaggeration or misinterpretation. This will lead to good material for Callback Humour.


  • Her investment is vitally important in Text and Phone Game. Use text messages to build investment. The more investment you get from her, the more likely you are to get her on a date.


  • A woman who has a high level of investment in you will behave in a radically different way than a woman who has a low-level of investment.


  • View low investment as something to build upon. Capitalize on high investment by going for the meet up.



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