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sexual attraction building
sexual attraction building

Top 3 Ways to Leverage Sexual Attraction Building In Daygame

Why Attraction Building should be sexualized slightly in Daygame

Daygame Attraction Building is not an easy thing to create if you’re a beginner in Daygame. You are most likely still working on overcoming approach anxiety, getting some basics right or you could also be more advanced or intermediate level. It doesn’t matter. Read this and use sexual attraction building techniques below to reduce flakes.

A) However, regardless of your level of expertise in attraction building during daytime approaching, these 3 ways should definitely skyrocket your daygame attraction building process so you can achieve real dates that get you hot results. Getting a number with daygame is not easy, but also it is. It’s a paradox, much like the movie Inception if you’re looking to get the woman to follow through with you on texts, your attraction building must be sexualized.

B) Consider asking her if she’s open minded to stuff with laser eye contact. Don’t make it a funny thing where you’re uncomfortable with it, because it’s not a funny sexual sub-communication or some creepy thing. You’re a man who wants her, and your communicating it to her. That’s authentic attraction building in daygame that is slightly sexualized.

C) You can learn to get a ton of numbers easily and quickly, only to find out later that she’s not going to see you ever again or bother responding to your texts. She is flaking because of you daygame holes in attraction, not because your text game is brutal. So without further bullshitting around let’s get into it.

1) Once you get good at getting numbers with daygame, you quickly realize how easy it is to approach a beautiful lady on the street and build attraction with her. However, quality numbers over quantity should be your motto.

Yes 90 % of women you approach are likely not gonna follow through with you to the bedroom, because that’s the reality of cold approach pick up, but the other 10 percent who will, it is crucial to get these 3 attraction building aspects correctly if you ever stand any chance at taking her to the bedroom and having sex with her.

The question is, how do you make this happen when you’re attraction building? The key here is to realize that you’re most likely focusing on building attraction, not necessarily sexual attraction. The key is for a girl to walk away thinking “I want to fuck that guy ASAP” and not “That was so balsy of him to walk over and talk to me ” as she’ll forget you in a couple days because ordinary attraction dissipates quite quickly.

sexual attraction building
sexual attraction building

Sexual attraction building is very different from just attraction building routines or cute lines. The idea here is not to have her thinking “Well, that was a nice pleasant interaction, he seems like a good man and maybe I’ll see him again”. You want to her to think           “ Wow, I want to fuck that guy next time I see him on our date”.

The key is to challenge her with push/pull techniques right after the delivery of your opening statement and when you’ve reached the attraction building stage. You should not be afraid to voice your opinion about a particular topic you’re discussing and challenging her slightly shows you’re independent in your ways of thinking, and you have high value.

  • Attraction building properly is this: A compliment that doesn’t include a tease shows you’re too easy
  • A tease without a compliment shows you’re arrogant and you’ve just insulted her awkwardly for no reason and it’s low value. This is not attraction building, it’s just attraction destroying and pure awkwardness. 
  • Both a compliment and a tease display your value and interest, but she still must work for you.

2) Get her invested by pausing in your interactions and use qualifications through your opener. Consider an opener like “Hey, are you Russian/Dutch/Canadian/Filipino?”  Whatever your ideal type maybe.

I like eastern european girls so if I spot one that I’m interested in, I always deliver my opener to a 9 or 10 with a   “ Hey, Listen! I have to ask, are you Russian? “ (rapport breaking tonality) Drop the high pitch, fast talking tonality, because that’s approval seeking behavior. 

You should speak in a comforting, spaced out tone with pauses. When she starts to invest, just nod along, and don’t interrupt. Let her bloody speak because she’s investing. Newbies always try to jump into the conversation by agreeing too much, being overly excited when talking. Like you have stuff in common and TRYING to relate to her at every possible opportunity. Once you’ve delivered the tease, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Just stand and look at her with a smug but playful smirk on your face with eye laser contact.

You’re basically telling her that you’re completed your master piece and it’s her turn to qualify herself to you by opening up and begin to invest into the interaction. This is a clever sub-communication frame control that is very subtle and requires a certain degree of understanding the higher level of social sub-communication.

sexual attraction building
sexual attraction building

You’re basically telling her that you understand how a general polite conversation should go, and she must reciprocate because otherwise she’ll feel extremely rude to blow you off by simply walking away.

Newbies always rush in to “save the day” when there is a silence and this is how they’re projecting lower value through not feeling comfortable with longer pauses or silences. This kills attraction building faster than you can say attraction building.

If you’re doing this, you’re setting up a beta daygame frame control that basically tells her you’re there to entertain and she’s just some observer being entertained and complimented.

This small detail will kill future investment on her part and destroy sexual attraction building stage.

3) Consider stronger frame control during sexual attraction building stage. You do this through early qualification after delivering your opening line and post hand shake introductions. If you’re giving her your attention and delivering your approach in this manner, you’re also filtering out attention whores and entitlement queens.

Controlling your body language on a subconscious micro level is essential to succeed in attraction building during daygame. Your micro communication is what’s going to get you the 9 or 10 and get you laid more often with girls who follow through to dates.

  • When you’re attraction building, avoid imploring eyes that tell the girl you need her to stay and talk to you (because otherwise you’ll be sad if she leaves you) and she’ll feel this vibe. 
  • You’re likely experiencing a puppy eye syndrome.
  • You might have raised eye brows.
  • A cocked head and leaning in slightly a few too many times. 

These are small sub-conscious communications that indicate to her your weaknesses and kill your sexual attraction building stage massively. Do your best to control this subtly, but ultimately you should practice a lot and do as many approaches as humanely possible for this attraction building to become your organic behavior that is clearly ingrained in your personality.

Start leveraging attraction building with these and I promise this will make a massive difference.

Cheers Day Gamer, let’s head over to the playground.

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