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How to Text Girls You Met In Daygame

Top 10 Ultimate Secret Text Messages To Text Girls You Met In Daygame

Top 10 Ultimate Secret Text Messages To Text Girls You Met In Daygame


Before we talk about how to text girls you met in Daygame, I’d like to first focus on some very important points about where you meet girls because this can have a big impact on your text messages and follow-up.

Meeting girls during the day can be fun and challenging depending where you live. My word of caution for those of you living in Toronto, New York, London, Tokyo or other mega popular Daygame places. These places are notorious for PUA culture and have been infiltrated by a lot of PUAs running around using the same Daygame openers and spamming central places, malls and other super popular locations.

Eaton Center, Dundas Square in Toronto, New York Subways and parks, London Piccadilly Square, coffee shops, shopping malls to name a few, are the most popular locations for Daygame so hence you should probably stay away.

Yes of course, these places can work, but you absolutely have to have a unique approach and you cannot use the same bullshit techniques, lines, you learn in some of the courses presented online by various pick up companies. You have to have a unique approach to get the top girls in these locations and that’s just the hard truth and reality.

You absolutely have to focus on your vibe and “how you come across” rather than techniques or following a scripted structure. Remember authenticity and uniqueness is what works best in Daygame! Being spontaneous, thinking on your feet and being flexible and adventurous in your conversations typically works best. These small but powerful tips will get you better results and let your actual personality shine through and attract the right type of girls into your life.

Our main recommendation, to ensure you get follow-up from girls you meet in Daygame is to focus on where you actually meet the girls. We typically see better results in coffee shops, book stores, wine shops, wineries, art classes, yoga classes, workshop classes, art galleries, train stations, onboard of trains, gift shops, planes, warm vacation spots, beaches, picnic spots, parks to name a few.

Typically meeting a girl in a very busy spot can often create a sense of urgency and environmental pressure and randomness. You want to control for environmental factors as much as possible, to eliminate the feel of “randomness” and ensure you can have a real sense of connection with the girl. If you’re gaming downtown in a very busy location, it can work for an advanced guy, and requires pretty strong advanced game alignment, thinking on your feet, being very flexible, understanding a girl’s blueprint and having a lot of experiences under your belt to pull that off. If you’re a beginner or intermediate, I recommend you stick to low-key locations that are less crazy and will allow the girl to “zone in” on what you have to say.

Secondary, you need to focus on girls that are actually more available and look like they maybe killing time or aren’t really in a big rush. If the girl is super busy and can’t pay attention to your delivery, because she’s late for something, working or running to work, or just generally looks to be in a big rush somewhere it’s going to create a sense of urgency and Daygame is the complete opposite of that. Daygame is slow, authentic, focused on creating a sense of connection with your girl, chill, friendly vibe and combining that with the places we mentioned previously are perfect for that.

Basically, I recommend you focus on places that are conducive to a more chill environment that allow the girl to listen and respond normally and potentially be more influenced by your propositions to an instant date. That doesn’t mean that high pressure locations or busy environments will completely fail, but it requires a higher set of skills, finesse, strong voice projection and being able to captivate a girl’s attention quickly and get her to snap into your reality very quickly. Think of it like you’re pulling her into your way of thinking, beliefs, attitudes, opinions and your world view. This is a more advanced topic, but don’t worry too much about framing for now if you’re a beginner or a low-end intermediate.

First Type of Message To Text Girls You Met in Daygame

The main idea behind the first message is to elicit an emotional response and to be able to stand out. Hence, we recommend a solid first interaction where you can actually deliver your verbal game without competing too much for her attention in a busy place. If a girl gets lots of attention from guys, you’ll want to send a message that separates you from the pack in a unique way so she can put you into the right “category”. Anyone of these will do, so here they are:

Text Message #1

  “What kind of mischief are you causing today?


What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into today?”


Text Message #2

Hey crazyface! Didn’t cause any trouble after we met yesterday did ya!? – btw are you on Facebook/Instagram?”


Text Message#3

Hey my little pony-princess, what kind of mischief are you causing today?


Why on Earth would these messages work? It’s simple and straight forward, the reason these text messages can work is because, they are very easy to respond to and have just one question mark. They are quite playful and get her to smile. When you text girls you met in Daygame, these messages are very different from the usual boring and serious messages they usually receive from guys they meet at clubs, bars, through friends and random awful Daygamers at busy locations.


Second Message Type To Text Girls You Met in Daygame

The second type of message to text the girls you met in Daygame, should revolve around building and re-initiating the spark you created wherever you met her. This means in between getting the number in Daygame and moving things towards the first date, teasing messages are the ultimate route. The playful frame

makes her feel something special, and will get her to think about you more, maybe even obsess a little. She’s also going to move you into the right type of “category” or rank you much higher in her league, as compared to other guys who might be chasing her.


Text Message #4

Did I just catch you spying on me as I was changing into my gym clothes my little stalker?! “


Text Message #5

You’re a closet dork aren’t you? except without the closet ;)~”


Text Message #6 

“Come on now… you have work today huh…?

Now of course, it isn’t mandatory community service!?

A cute, yet sassy gal who’s a felon…

who woulda known!?”


Third Type of message To Text Girls You Met in Daygame if she has trouble with her phone, her car, or her XYZ (fill in the blank here)


Text Message #7

“It’s cool if you couldn’t afford to pay your cellphone (or hydro or car) bill –

I’m not judging you… that much.. hahahaj/k:) “


Text Message #8

If she suggests a time to get together like 5 p.m. or something:

“Nah that’s a bit too early… don’t wanna be stuck with ya that long! Let’s do 5:03 haha 🙂 “



Fourth Type of Message To Text Girls You Met in Daygame, if there is a long pause between your initial meeting and the next meet up.


I get it, you met a girl and both of you have a very busy life, but that’s not the end of world, and things can sometimes stale out. That’s ok, for this purpose we recommend getting Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or another type of social media to continuously “market or re-market yourself” instead of messaging her 24/7 to remind her that you exist.


Use this powerful social media marketing secret to your advantage and make sure your social media is on point and communicates your life and personality in an attractive way. It should showcase all the cool things you do in your spare time, fun time, social outings with friends, hobbies and anything else you like to do outside of work.


However, here are some examples to send her while you live your life:


Text Message #9

“How u doing naughty girl? I’m in my Jacuzzi with some aromatic candles listening to Mozart..;-) LOL… No, I’m not! Just out with some friends having a nice day, wanted to say Hi!”


Text Message #10

“ 98..99..100! Oh sorry, my thumbs were doing pushups again and wanted to show off. What’s new with you? “


Text Message #11

Those beautiful eyes….Those sexy lips…….The smoothest walk…..But enough about me, how are u doing? “


That’s it, be sure to sign up for our emails to get more awesome PUA tips on text messaging girls you met in Daygame successfully.

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