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PUA - The Game
PUA - The Game

How PUA The Game Book Revolutionized the Pick Up Community

How PUA The Game Book Revolutionized the Pick Up Community


Just over a decade ago, Neil Strauss wrote an article for the New York Times that highlighted the growing online seduction community. The research he carried out began as a personal endeavor whereby he tried to overcome low self esteem and inability to attract women. Strauss went on to become a top seducer thanks to the tips he learnt from the PUA (pick-up artist) community. He went on to write a bestselling book called The Game. This article looks at how PUA the game book changed the pickup art and community globally. 

PUA The Game
PUA – The Game

PUA – The Game


Nowadays, Strauss is among the world’s most recognizable pick up artists. In one way or the other, he is responsible for the growth of a hyper-masculine dating culture. The difference between the time he was staring out and now is that unlike then, the pickup game has been commercialized. Strauss runs a business called Stylelife academy that supposedly trains average men into confident seducers through personalized programs and coaching. He admits that it is sad this is the case. He feels that when he was writing the book, many experienced seducers were training others for free, which is no longer the case nowadays.


The online pickup community began with a Google group known as, which would later change its name to Class of 1998’. In the group, men shared, published and learnt from each other’s experiences. They used some sort of a user-generated text-book that included pick-up lines, tips as well as field reports of their experiences. These men referred to themselves as pickup artists and come up with a wide variety of qausi-scientific jargon that described their techniques. These techniques made having a conversation with a woman sound like a military drill.


PUA The Game Book Contributors


As time went by, the culture gradually become commercial. At the time, the most prominent guru for PUA the game was a fellow called Erik Von Markovik, AKA Mystery. He became one of the earliest people in the community to earn a living from training pick up artists, as well as Strauss’s mentor. Mystery instructed upcoming artists to wear anything that would make them stand out from other men and disarm women. 


Tricks and tips for picking up women had for long been traded via the internet. Upon its publication, Strauss’s book The Game made them authentic and become an instruction manual for a whole generation of pick up artists. In the book, he tackles concepts for approaching women, recommended routines and creating a memorable impression. Many artists made up for their lack of social experience by playing the role of arrogant idiots, something that Strauss admits is likely to happen. They were trained to bombard women with backhanded compliments or even insults aimed at lowering a lady’s perceived social value, while curtailing male competition.


According to how Strauss puts it, being a pick up artist is all about applying male sexuality as a good force in the world. It opens men up to self-improvement and spirituality. Men’s having an understanding of social dynamics is a smart thing. If men are ashamed of learning how to be socially comfortable, then the world will not have confident people alongside PUA – The Game…

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