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PUA Day Game Openers
PUA Day Game Openers

PUA Day Game Openers Are Dead ?

PUA Day Game Openers Are Dead ?

There is a huge obsession with PUA day game openers in the PUA community. It’s quite hilarious and for some reason a lot of beginners who get into the community are thinking there is a magical opener that drops her panties in under 10 seconds. We’ve been day-gaming for over 4 years and are still searching for this panty dropping opener. Email us when you find it. We’ll write a sensational post about it immediately.

For some mystical reason a lot of guys have this notion that a magical opener exists. The girl will hear your magical line and get down on her knees and suck you off.

Most guys fail to understand the real and only purpose of PUA day game openers. What is the one and real purpose of any PUA opener in any given situation? The purpose is quite simple: start a conversation and transition into a conversation down the line. All PUA openers are simply designed to get the girl to start a conversation with you. There some that are more effective at getting her to laugh, engage her better, or bring out shocking emotions. However, your only focus with a PUA day game opener is to simply “open” the girl. There is nothing more to it. It gets the two of you talking after you’ve stopped her.

PUA Day Game Openers
PUA Day Game Openers

One way to start a conversation is to simply introduce yourself. There is the classic one that’s extra simple “I just saw you (walking past) (sitting there) (from over there) and had to say hello” 

The more complicated openers can be something along the lines of: “Hi! I hope you speak English…Ok.. I have to tell you something…I was walking past when I noticed something about you…You look very….Latina. It’s your big black flowing hair, your cute fashion sense and those fiery eyes” 

However, these PUA day game openers require precise skill in delivery and are not really required if the rest of your game is decent.

The more pressing issue we’d like to address here is the tyranny of high standards: If you’re not already fucking sevens regularly you’ve got no business holding out for eights. You aren’t that precious! Many men, especially on the internet, will construct an elaborate, reality-weave in which they are super high value, where they are only banging tens while making it rain at the club. The reality is that they aren’t even getting sevens. So, how do they stop reality from crushing their fantasy? By rationalizing away any action that could provide evidence that may be contradicting their little fantasy world. In the context of approaching, it means dismissing all the women as not hot enough. It’s full-on lying to yourself and others. Don’t let your own mind from fooling you.

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