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PUA Community
PUA Community

1st Myth About The PUA Community & Why it’s So Deeply Misunderstood

One Myth That You Need To Know About the PUA Community

The PUA Community was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has its roots going back to the original Mystery Method and Mystery himself as one of the fathers of seduction. Just a few average guys who set out to figure out what seduction truly means and they ended up creating a whole new industry. This became a PUA community that is growing daily in numbers. Later Mystery Method turned into a big company now known as Love Systems and Mystery Method Corporation segmented into a variety of different other PUA companies like RSD, PUA training, eventually giving birth to others like DayGame, The21 Convention and others. The companies within the PUA community have emerged with their own views on game and have developed different teaching styles across the world focusing on different perspectives from social conditioning, spirituality, techniques, routines, NLP to system based approaches to game.

However, what I’d like to talk about specifically here and address in this post is the nature of the PUA community and one of the many possible reasons why it’s so deeply misunderstood by the majority of people who lack full comprehension of the material. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, although this won’t be an easy task.

Myth 1

”It’s a pure numbers game where the PUA community teaches students to run around using memorized openers and the aim is to try to fuck as many girls as possible”

PUA community
PUA community

Here is the true reality for those who look at things in a one side manner. Behind closed doors of the PUA community there is a lot more happening than simply teaching guys to run around and try to score as many numbers as possible while using canned routines and running around opening girls with memorized openers.

A lot of guys in the PUA community that got into it from reading the Game by Neil Strauss live under the illusion that if they memorize a few routines, opening lines and improve their body language a little bit, use the “right things to say” routines to get numbers, they will fuck 100s of girls every week. Mystery method was begun this way and partly why game got a bad reputation was because it started as a very mechanical routine based approach where you had to learn special lines, memorize things and control every aspect of the interaction.

The famous PUA Community Mystery Method was also tailored towards students who were fearful and didn’t come from a place of true authenticity and marketing was built upon the foundation of a secret society with magical tricks and fireworks that get you laid instantly. It doesn’t quite work that way in reality, but it was appealing to the masses quickly because it was presented as a magical pill. It gets you to the intermediate level of getting numbers quick, but not much beyond that. Not to discredit his stuff, because it worked for a lot of students, but the interactions never seemed authentic and the teachings didn’t really come from a place of heart and integrity. It was all based on flash game, and quick fireworks rather than building authentic interactions and creating true emotional connections.

The reality of cold approach pick up in the PUA community is that even if you get 20 numbers in one night, you’re likely guaranteed to get 5 of those numbers to reply to you, and only 1 or 2 to actually follow through with the date. It’s not as dandy as it appears to the outside world or how it’s marketed. The reality is, if you approach 10 strangers on the street and you are at a decent level, you’ll get 4/5 numbers and only 1/10 may actually sleep with you. If your game is consistent, you’re pretty advanced and experienced with handling a lot of interactions, you can achieve those numbers.

Yes the PUA community seduction coaches are at this level and maybe beyond that, but they spent over 5 years to get where they are on average. Most people give up after a year and say this PUA community is garbage, and complete shit, because they don’t have the patience to get there quick enough or put in the proper time, energy and effort.

PUA community
PUA community

Most people overestimate how good they are and don’t want to face the reality of the fact that they need to improve a lot more. Seduction mastery is a journey of advancement. They get stuck at a certain level and plateaux for a while and think that’s it, that’s as good as it will ever get.

So all in all, even after approaching 1000 women, one of the executive instructors Tom Torero has publicly stated he got 250 numbers, 80-90 dates and slept with about 30 women in a 2013. These are the harsh truths of the PUA community Does an average guy in the PUA community approach that many women in a year, or anywhere close to that? I highly doubt that. Most guys can’t take the heat and don’t have the luxury or time to approach that many women and settle for one of the first few girls they sleep with and end up in a relationship because it’s the comfortable thing to do.

Cold approach pick up in the PUA community requires a lot of pimping, learning, making mistakes, more learning, tweaking and more energy. Most people can’t do it so they’re happy to settle for a girlfriend they met somewhere through a friend or got lucky at some bar. It’s the easier thing to do. Pimping ain’t easy, like you may see in hollywood movies. So fireworks and routines can get you into the interaction, but the lack of real connections is what’s gonna stop you from getting laid.

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