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Pickup Artist Tips
Pickup Artist Tips

3 Extremely Powerful Pickup Artist Tips That Work

3 Extremely Powerful Pickup Artist Tips That Work


For many men seducing a former soviet girl often seems like an impossible task to achieve. It is indeed the pinnacle of daygame seduction. I’ve come across far too many and failed many times with them to deny the obvious nature of this process. It’s tough and very few are capable of achieving this. Let’s discuss why.

  • 1) The tall Russian “Greyhound Model” is often motionless and comes across cold and uninterested. She will often do this for a whole minute or two and might even give you attitude along the lines of “What Do You Want?” or “Why Are You Talking to Me?”. 

This is completely normal from her perspective. Don’t react or walk away thinking you’ve lost. It’s just the beginning and you can simply state the obvious “I thought you’re quite attractive and came to meet you”. 

Remember to play it straight with russian girls and be direct. It’s what they prefer, as much as they might deny it. Typically when you’ve just met one she’ll stand their motionless and expressionless looking intently at you. That whole minute of her giving you nothing may seem like an eternity but continue to plow through it as that’s her way of getting rid of the “weak players”. She may not even be aware that she’s doing this, but she’ll do it to everyone.

The only thing you need to worry about is not to get rattled and if she’s still there in front of you, she’s interested in what you have to say further. These women often love to challenge a man to see quickly if he is what he presents himself to be. It’s one of their favorite things to do because it grounds them and makes them feel feminine.

Pickup Artist Tips
Pickup Artist Tips

Lets Explore Where and How You Can Apply These Powerful Pickup Artist Tips.

  • 2) Once you get passed the first minute or two and she begins to open up you can pull the “The Chain” where you simply repeat the last little bit of what she just said. For instance:

Her: I just got my nails done at this russian salon and I have been shopping all day.

You:  Shopping all day…(looking at her like she has to expand on that) 

Her: Yeah shopping for this big wedding I have to attend next weekend. It’s my cousin’s friend getting married. 

You: (Nodding with approval) Your cousin’s friend getting married next weekend…. 

These small but noticeably powerful pickup artist tips “let her” expand as much effort as possible and let her talk and invest more and more. You’re letting her pick you up. You’ve already made a big play and invested quite a bit when you came over and made your intentions clear. She has to play the part. It’s a two-way street and you set the rules by filtering out violators immediately.

  • 3) The third most powerful technique when carrying a conversation with the girl is to select a key emotive word or topic in the girl’s sentence and then ask her to tell you more about it like this:

You: So you really are a Ballerina. Not just another part-timer going to the easy classes after work!

Her: Oh yes. I love dancing. I went to ballet class since I was 5 and now I’m focusing on some hip hop and tap. 

You: I see, what brought about this passion? 

Her: My mother used to watch ballet when I was a small child….(carries on into her life story) 

These awesome pickup artist tips are fantastic because you’re essentially asking her to open up about her in an indirect way. In this example the reason these pickup artist tips work is because you’re allowing her to tell you about her childhood and giving her permission to tell you what she feels comfortable telling you at that stage indirectly. This is a fast powerful way to get a girl to open up. Use it at your discretion and try to master this and observe yourself shutting up when you need to.

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