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3 Easy Fixes For Horrible Mistakes In Your PUA Text Game

Typical PUA Text Game Mistakes To Avoid

3 Easy Fixes For Horrible Mistakes In Your PUA Text Game   Going back to the direct style of game, right from the start when you try to get a woman on a date don’t mention anything about a “meet up” or a “hang out”. You want to make sure she’s showing up with the expectation of a man to woman vibe. Even if your hook point was really spot on, you’re not fully aware how interested she is so the temptation to soft-pedal the invitation is super strong. Avoid ...

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Why is the First Text To a Girl the Most Crucial One?

First Text to a Girl

Why is the First Text To a Girl the Most Crucial One?    You should be using callback humor in your first text to a girl. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time with this lead and the interaction may potentially turn sour just because she may send the dreaded “who’s this?” text. That puts you into murky water and a qualifying frame that you want to avoid. Chasing her is never the way to go especially in the first text message. Always sign your text messages in your first text to ...

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Use These 3 “Funny Things to Text a Girl”

Funny Things to Text a Girl

Use These 3 Funny Things to Text a Girl  Surely if she’s given you the number, then she likes you right? Since she’s given you the number, that means the deal is sealed and she will be more than happy to come meet you later at a convenient time! Right? After all women are reasonable and logical. NO! WRONG! If the world actually worked this way, our population of 7+ billion would be at least double that number. 70% of the time when women give their number to men, they’re ...

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Are You Still Figuring Out What To Text a Girl ?

What to Text A Girl?

Still Figuring Out What To Text a Girl?   The biggest problem that guys experience in daygame comes about when they’re thinking about texting a girl and specifically “What to text a girl?”. The content that matters during your texting conversation is very surface layer and many problems that happen with texting are because of:   Her emotional being and physical presence is outside your control. Her environment is influencing her more than you at the present moment. She’s mentally and emotionally not invested in you as much as she could be. ...

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Are You Using This Shocking Phone Game To Text a Girl ?

Text and Phone Game What to Text Girls

How To Text a Girl Using Proper Phone Game   How to text a girl is such a common sticking point for many people entering the PUA community. This is especially a big problem for daygamers because they’re constantly playing the numbers game or doing beast-mode approaching and collecting leads. I’ve decided to cover some basic points on how to text a girl using phone game. 1. Maintain the same investment levels. If she texts you 2 lines, don’t text her 15 lines telling her how special you think she ...

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5 Golden Rules for Texting Girls After Daytime Approaching

Texting Girls

  Your 5 Golden Rules for Texting Girls   Questions about texting girls are always coming up in the PUA community. It’s always the most debated topic in the PUA community and there is so much good and bad advice out there. Do you text a girl you like or do you call? Some advise you to never call and only text, others say you should call her up because nobody ever does these days. There is so much mystery and so much advice on this that I’ve come across ...

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Are You Making These 10 Mistakes When Texting Girls?

PUA Day game Attraction

Top 10 Mistakes When Texting Girls   Texting girls is a big part of game and seduction. Here is a list of things that you must consider when texting girls. A phone number is not a date; it is merely a chance at a date. That’s how women view it and you have to adopt this mentality straight away. Use call-back humour on your first text/phone call always. Rule of thumb. The most beautiful women get approached regularly and give their phone numbers out quite often. You’re not aware what ...

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