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What is PUA? Top 5 Things About the PUA Community

What is PUA?

What is PUA? Top 5 Things You Missed “ To understand the true nature “What is PUA?” and truly realize your own potential, you should spend at least a year doing approaches on the street and clubs and landing that beautiful woman in your bedroom to broaden your horizons about your current dating beliefs “ 1) PUA stands for Pick Up Artist. This entails learning the art of seduction through books, DVDs or Workshops and Bootcamps by various companies like,,, The 21Convention,,, Mystery Method’s ...

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Top 3 Ways to Leverage Sexual Attraction Building In Daygame

sexual attraction building

Why Attraction Building should be sexualized slightly in Daygame Daygame Attraction Building is not an easy thing to create if you’re a beginner in Daygame. You are most likely still working on overcoming approach anxiety, getting some basics right or you could also be more advanced or intermediate level. It doesn’t matter. Read this and use sexual attraction building techniques below to reduce flakes. A) However, regardless of your level of expertise in attraction building during daytime approaching, these 3 ways should definitely skyrocket your daygame attraction building process so ...

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Follow These 6 Steps on How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place.

How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place

How To Pick Up Women In A Busy Place?  1) If you want to understand how to pick up women in a busy place, the first thing you have to consider is the environment you’re in. Judge the “energy” of the atmosphere. Look at the traffic flow, if it’s a busy street, busy subway station, take note. The other thing you must understand is the time constraint. This means most of your interactions are going be fairly quick. My advice is, if you’re starting out with daytime approaching, this is ...

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