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Crazy Pick Up Artist Tips That Work

pick up artist tips

These Pick Up Artist Tips Work   A pick up artist is someone who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners. Like everything else, not everyone is a natural when it comes to seduction, and yes, there are steps that you can undergo to make you better at it. Pick up artist training mostly involves just putting yourself out there and figuring out which techniques work best for you. Here, we will talk about the single most important thing when it comes to picking up women. Pick Up Artist Tips ...

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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Pick Up Artists

Pick up artists

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Pick Up Artists   A pick up artist is a person who is skilled in the art of seducing and attracting beautiful women. When it comes to seduction, there are numerous schools of thought. They range from using hypnosis to applying a keen understanding of attraction techniques and social dynamics. An entire movement found on the internet has been formed around men who wish to get better with women. This movement offers a lot to learn about life in general and how to interact ...

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4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses Daily

4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses

4 Weird Stereotypes a Day Game PUA Uses Daily There are many ways to get a girl’s number during day, but a strong day dame pua will use these 4 techniques that we’re about to discuss with you. The first technique is to put her in the box she doesn’t want to be in. Then, you focus on letting her expand effort (investment, qualification) to climb back out of it. Then put her into another box. Recycle this a few times until she’s invested enough for you to continue your ...

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The Advanced Secrets of “The Day Game” Approach You Don’t Know

The Advanced Secrets of The Day Game

The Advanced Secrets of The Day Game You Won’t Find Anywhere   The Day Game “Window Shopper” Frame   Sometimes in the day game journey, as you enter a really high state and your vibe is so out of this world that you’ll even hook the “No Girls” and get into a great 10 minute chat until you ask for the number and she may say “no”. Most of the time, this is because they fancy you but have a serious boyfriend, thus wanting to bask in your attention and ...

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