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the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Body Language of Attraction

Body Language of Attraction

the Ugly Truth Behind Body Language of Attraction   The nature of daygame is to approach girls in situations where they can’t possible know anything about you other than what you display during the conversation. Daygame is a place where the battle field can be equalized. In this type of game you are competing on your well-practiced basics of body language of attraction, displayed through your charismatic value and strong frame control. The Good in “Body Language of Attraction” –  You are competing on your own field. You’ve spent years developing precisely ...

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Your 3 Inner Game & “PUA Body Language” Mistakes in Daygame

Avoid These 3 PUA Body Language Mistakes

Top 3 Inner Game and PUA Body Language Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making in Daygame   Do You Make These 3 “PUA Body Language” Mistakes?      Here are some typical PUA body language mistakes and inner game mistakes that a lot of newbies make in daygame: 1. A typical PUA body language mistake stems from weak inner game. The newbies will rush to fill the silence with babble. This projects low value, as a guy who needs to talk to keep her there, a guy who isn’t comfortable ...

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Top 3 Things to Know to Meet Women During the Day

Meet Women During the Day

Top 3 Things to Know To Meet Women During Day   Daygame for intermediates and those aiming for mastery requires a slightly different approach than most gurus will advocate to you. 1. Killing her momentum from the start with a strong opener and body language. Why do you need to focus on killing her momentum and vibe right from the start? The purpose of “Killing Momentum” is to stop her and make her talk to you so she will hear you out. Right from the start you demonstrate value by doing ...

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3 Different Types of Daygame or Daytime Approaching

Daygame Approach

 What You Must Know About 3 Types of Daygame or Daytime Approaching: Authentic High Value Daygame: This type of daygame requires you to work on your real life value and truly become a man of real value, a man who any girl would feel like to meet. Once you achieve a good amount of authentic value in your life whatever it happens to be for you, this type of daygame becomes your mechanism for conveying real value. You no longer play the “fake it till you make it game” and ...

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What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching?

Things to say when talking to girls who are 9s

What Should You Say When Talking to Girls in Daytime Approaching?  This is a question that comes up so much from many guys when they’re looking for the best ways to talk to a girl. So what should you say when you’re talking to girls? A) The biggest mistake that guys make is they focus on what to say when talking to girls. This should not be your focus at all. What you say matters 15 % of the total interaction most of the time. B) You should be focused on developing your overall ...

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Top 3 Ways to Leverage Sexual Attraction Building In Daygame

sexual attraction building

Why Attraction Building should be sexualized slightly in Daygame Daygame Attraction Building is not an easy thing to create if you’re a beginner in Daygame. You are most likely still working on overcoming approach anxiety, getting some basics right or you could also be more advanced or intermediate level. It doesn’t matter. Read this and use sexual attraction building techniques below to reduce flakes. A) However, regardless of your level of expertise in attraction building during daytime approaching, these 3 ways should definitely skyrocket your daygame attraction building process so ...

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How To Become A PUA Fast Using Daygame?

How To Become a PUA

How To Become A PUA Fast Using Beastmode and Daygame. Tip 1) How to Become a PUA fast with Daygame? Day 1- Start with 1 approach. You’ve done your first approach in daygame and now you’re well on your way to become a daygame PUA. Congratulate yourself big time for making your first on your ever changing journey to becoming good with daygame. On your Day 2 increase your number to 2 approaches. On your Day 3 increase it to 3 approaches. Make sure that you’re pushing yourself further and ...

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How To Pick Up Girls At College Using Daygame ?

Get Girls At College

Top 3 Ways On How to Pick Up Girls At College using Daygame If we are talking in terms of cold approach pick up and you want to pick up girls at college using daygame, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of ways you can about picking up girls at college. Cold approach daygame pick up. Bar, night club approach where you see a lot of the same people. Social circle, warm type of approach. House dinners, and parties or co-ed sports. The gym, membership ...

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