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Pickup Artist Books
Pickup Artist Books

Become a Natural in 180 Days Using Pickup Artist Books

How To Become A Natural With Women Using Pickup Artist Books

If you can pick up a pencil, you can pickup a hot girl. I believe everyone can become natural after reading this book called the Natural Game.

It is a system of becoming natural with women. Pickup artist books provides a wide range of eBooks to help men become good with women, however, this one is just off the hook. This pickup artist book will transform your day game from zero to a hero. In fact, the book was written by a former introvert. He explains how difficult it is for most men to describe their game if they are just naturally good.

Needless to say, the author was not good in women at first. Natural game is a book of his transformation from a social misfit to a man believed to be the most successful pickup artist in the whole of Europe.

The book takes anybody deep into the game, explaining and expounding principles that are little known to poor pickup artists. The author explains that women unconsciously look for four qualities in a man:


1. Alpha Maleness

2. Smoothness

3. Calmness

4. Leadership


Sexual confidence pickup artist books have brought to us a book every man should read. Unlike other natural artists, this author has no problem explaining the game because it is all principles that he acquired over many years of study and practice. Despite character attributes, the author reveals to us another secret called Pre-Game. Pre-game is basically how a man presents himself before the ladies can get to know him. It is mainly composed of:


1. Appearance

2. State/Mood

3. Energy levels

4. Body language

The author goes deeper into all these four pre-game techniques to enable readers learn how the can maximize their chances using these techniques. He explains male fashion, accessories, postures and use of gestures and eye contact.

The author continues to tell that to get successfully laid, you need to learn to become three characters: Mr. Sociable, This is the nature that creates a positive first impression, it is happy confident and excited. Mr. Comfort This character, unlike Mr. Sociable, is not the center of attention, it listens andgives in-trusting feedback, it creates connections using smooth, comfortable conversations.

The artist must start with Mr. Sociable then slowly slip into Mr.Comfort and then finally and slowly become Mr. Seducer. This is an aroused alpha male character that uses pauses, deep voice and eye contact to seduce. The author describes the seduction game in a structural manner, from the opener, where he demonstrates many pickup and how and when to utilize them.

He further demonstrates opinion openers that are actually more successful in opening than direct pick up lines. Then he progresses to mid game, this is where he shows that what to do and what not to so as to make up an interesting connecting conversation. The author illustrates techniques of how to keep the conversation going, how to avoid awkward silence and how to stay away from bad topics.

Finally, the closing where he actually gets a number or leaves with the chic.

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