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pick up systems
pick up systems

Most Pick up Systems Will Never Teach This

Most Pick Up Systems Will Never Teach This 

Since you’re reading this, you have obviously realized why the Nice Guy Isn’t working for anyone. If it was, you’d be working the nice guy angle all day until you beat it to death and then some more.

Most people are so blinded by the absurdity of social conditioning that they will not admit the fact they need to re-think their strategies big time.

Here is the truth: Most men who rate on the scale of 10 as a 9 are dating 8s and slumming it. The truth is that he should be dating above, and not down, but the reality is sad for most men.

What about those who didn’t win the genetic lottery, inherited a billion or refuse to step outside their comfort zone?

Will Pick Up Systems Work For The “Unfortunate”?

Most of those men who are 9s or models stay in the rut, despite being better off than the large majority of men. Most men are not lucky enough to be a DJ, a billionaire’s son, a DJ or be in a popular band performing on MTV every other week. 

Everyone else must accept what their reality is and work with what they have. Shake free of whatever b/s is holding you back and unleash the inner reality of awesomeness that you can really are deep down. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, you should simply acknowledge the following metaphors of our daygame pick up systems:

pick up systems
pick up systems

Let’s Discuss the Mechanics of the Pick up Systems and “How to Win The Game”

Let’s talk about race car driving. Imagine a beautiful day at the Silverstone world championships. It’s the race day all players have been waiting for. Some are unlucky and some are lucky. Some drivers have inherited an F-1 car while others have to work the old rusty Ford Cortina. That specific race car you bring to the finals is your “passive game”. It is simple a representation of your life’s choices, diet, genes, gym, attitudes and so forth. That’s what you work with and the car you drive. However, the driver himself is the ultimate element of the Game. 

If we’re talking about investment terms, Game is your ultimate value-add (alpha trait) to the normal market value in the (beta) world full of losers destined to make excuses and loose with any car. On average, the laptime of the F-1 car will beat the supercars and in turn they will defeat the fastbacks. But on race day when everything is at stake you simply drive what you have and the mechanics of your inheritance are beyond your current control. However, what is actually in your control is the skill and driver intent you posses deep inside you. That the crucial thing that makes all the difference in the world and despite setbacks may be the ultimate decisive factor. 

The real question is, are you willing to redline the edge? Will you be ready to take every corner at high speed, riding the risk of failing, wiping out, spinning out of control, loosing traction and potentially loosing the entire race all-together? 

Most F-1 Drivers are risk-averse and they will cruise their F-1 race car through 50 risk free laps. The really skilled driver who redlines the edges will ultimately beat that guy. Why? He’s got the edge and balls to do what the other guy doesn’t. That’s the real skill and that’s what being advanced at daygame means.

Yes, redlining carries risks because the slightest error can result in a really awful wipeout, but you absolutely must find out how fast you’ll redline those corners before you break and chaud out like a little F-1 bitch driver cruising at “optimal speeds”. The sad reality is it’s not until you’ve crashed the car that you will find where the limit is.

This means that the most effective pick up systems must push you extremely hard and get you to crash and burn. For instance:

  • Open girls two points above your comfort zone. 
  • Push for fast and wild sex sooner than later.
  • Try the threesome, and try anal.
  • Tease extremely hard and challenge even harder.
  • Go for the chernobyl nuclear explosion when dealing with princess behavior. 
  • Try to throw the girl out of your house in the middle of the night. 

This is where you develop you instincts and expand your current limits while you approach the danger zone on every corner. That’s the pinnacle of daygame and real progress. Redline the edge like a boss and you’ll make the other “alpha” players look like “beta” children at the playground. That’s the most effective pick up systems you can implement when you’re learning. 

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