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Get Girls At College
Get Girls At College

How To Pick Up Girls At College Using Daygame ?

Top 3 Ways On How to Pick Up Girls At College using Daygame

If we are talking in terms of cold approach pick up and you want to pick up girls at college using daygame, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are a number of ways you can about picking up girls at college.

  1. Cold approach daygame pick up.
  2. Bar, night club approach where you see a lot of the same people.
  3. Social circle, warm type of approach.
  4. House dinners, and parties or co-ed sports.
  5. The gym, membership classes like yoga and social clubs.
  6. Swimming pool, sports events and school events.

Bottom line here is, regardless where you choose to pick up girls at college you can use the following daygame principles to help you make the best of your approaches.

I will assume that you’re interested in the first one because you’ve landed here, but we’ll touch lightly upon others to help you get those girls at college.

How do you pick up girls at college using daygame principles?

Get Girls At College
Get Girls At College


1) Here is what you need to know about girls at college and cold approach pick up….

a) Run your regular cold approach daygame. Girls at college are the same as girls at any other place. They have not changed in any way. If anything, they’re still young and looking to explore themselves. Your job is to show them how. That means you still use daygame openers and you build your normal authentic attraction through cool story telling and transition into comfort building stages. Then you number close, get an instant date or set up a date for later as usual. That’s it, simple stuff here.

b) Be aware of ruining too many sets and creeping out too many people especially if you’re just starting out and you’re terrible at daygame AND you go to this school. If you’re attending a large campus where there are 30,000 thousand people or more at the school, you can probably get away with it, but if you’re at a small college with a couple thousand people and you tend to tun into the exact same people then it’s best not to run game at your campus if you’re a complete newbie. Training ground should be a place where there a lot of random people that you will likely never see again or run into.

c) Try to find the most optimal places and times to pick up women and that means your chance of success between her running to her next class is slimmer. You won’t have enough time to run your normal stuff and get a solid number. You’re not out to get numbers that you can put on your wall, you’re there to make a solid close that will get the girl committed to an actual date later that day or that week.

d) The best places are cafes, classes and social activities or even the library. From 12 o’clock till 4:30 is when most people are on campus and when most people have a class. Finding an optimal window in those times is hard especially if you’re a student yourself. That means if you’re out gaming in between your regular day activities and spot girls you like, try to approach the ones that aren’ t in a huge rush to get to their midterm or exam. Even if a girl likes your approach initially she’s likely gonna excuse herself to run to her midterm, or some scheduled activity. Campus can be a highly time sensitive place like a subway so choose your targets and places carefully. The best times are 4:30-10:00. The best places to pick up girls at college can include any of the ones listed above 1-6.

e) The key is to combine the right time with the right place or the right girl (that’s not in a huge rush to catch a bus or run to her exam) with the right time. That’s your optimal strategy to get enough time to build good solid interactions that lead to actual dates, not flakes.

2)  Join as many social clubs and do as many activities that have women there but still makes you look like a normal guy who isn’t there just to meet girls at a college yoga class. Other membership classes or co-ed sports that are also aligned with your interests are an excellent way to go about picking up girls at college. Use the more indirect approach in these situations because they’re low pressure and if your interactions don’t go as well as you hope, your next class won’t be awkward.

3) Becoming a guy at the local bar that all girls know to be a huge awkward creeper especially in a school with a small campus. Don’t be that guy. If you want to find a good training ground, it should be a place that offers good anonymity like a huge city mall, the streets in a large city or some other highly trafficked place that you can use to get a ton of approaches in beast mode. Apparently that’s the new term for getting a lot of approaches under your belt and getting over approach anxiety quickly. The PUAs also refer to it as shot gun style approaching where you approach as many single ladies as possible and pick up as many as many as possible to get as many phone numbers as you can. My advice is it’s a good strategy in an anonymous place, but will not get you good quality leads. Your focus on numbers will get you numbers, but not dates because your focus is in a wrong place. You’re there to get quality authentic interactions and set up solid dates not gather 56 numbers with a response rate of 1/56.

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