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pick up artist training
pick up artist training

Deadly Pick Up Artist Training Tricks That Simply Work

Deadly Pick Up Artist Training Tricks That Simply Work


Like any other art form, becoming a successful pick up artist requires practice. By now, you might have a basic idea of what works for you, and what doesn’t. Or maybe you only know what doesn’t seem to work out. Here are a couple of tips to make things a little easier for you when you next get out of your house for some pick up artist training.

Opening Cold vs. Opening Warm

A cold approach is when you walk up to a girl, unsure of what kind of response you might get. She hasn’t shown any interest in you and may not have even noticed your presence. A warm approach is when you think that the response you’ll get will at least be somewhat positive because you’ve made eye contact or have otherwise received some indication of interest. Invariably, if all our approaches could be warm, our success rates would skyrocket. Below are some of the ways to increase the ratio of warm to cold approaches to help you with your pick up artist training.

  1. Standing Out in a Positive Way:
Pick Up Artist Training
Pick Up Artist Training

Being sociable and interacting with people other than hot women will disarm them. They’ll see that you’re enjoying yourself in the company of others and when you do get to them, they will be more open and receptive. This is easier than trying to stand out in a bar or club by acting really cool, since most other guys are already using that tactic.

  1. Forcing IOIs When making eye contact with a girl, most guys do one of three things:
  • Nervously Look Away
  • Hold Eye Contact Until SHE Looks Away
  • Force a Smile

I’m sure we’ve all done at least one or two of these things before. You can still wonder why she was looking at you and use that uncertainty as an excuse to approach. Maybe she was zoning out, or looking at someone else, or maybe you have something on your face.

Ninety percent of the time, she is displaying interest and would welcome you to approach. But the remaining ten percent is enough to keep most guys from taking another step closer.

Here’s what you can do: force her interest. When you have eye contact with a girl, do something to provoke a response. For example, you could raise your glass, make a cheeky face, or simply wave. The point is to make the girl feel compelled to respond. She could:

  • Mirror your action
  • Smile
  • Smile and look away
  • Look away in disgust
  • Turn up her lip

If you get a positive reaction, that’s your cue to approach. You don’t even have to think of anything clever to say! If you get a negative response, maybe you should try again elsewhere.

  1. Maximizing Interactions In a club or a bar, you’re limiting yourself and decreasing your chances of success if your only doing cold walk-ups. There are plenty of opportunities all around you all the time to help create interactions. You just have to recognize and take advantage of them.

For example:

Women stepping on your foot: “Hey, watch it, punk! (Squaring up, smirking). Let’s take it outside, show me what you got!” Flex pose and point for her to do likewise.

Women squeezing past with their drinks: “Cheers!

Women pushing past rudely: “No, no, my dear. Like this” (Demonstrate moving past politely) “Excuse me, sir”

All of these would help you get into interactions without the pressure of a cold approach.

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