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Deadly Pick Up Artist Opener That Works
Deadly Pick Up Artist Opener That Works

Crazy Secret Pick Up Artist Opener That Works

 This Crazy Secret Pick Up Artist Opener Works


Many upcoming pick up artists spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect opener. What they seem to miss is that the opener is a not as important as they may think. An individual’s success or failure when trying to start a conversation with a woman largely depends on his mastery of attraction as opposed to his ability to properly open. All in all, openers are vital when it comes to making a good first impression. Below is a look at how to come up with the perfect pick up artist opener.


The ultimate opener for a pick up artist is simply saying “Hi” to a woman. This is probably the most powerful one of them all and is virtually guaranteed to work every time. However, it has to be said with a lot of confidence and conviction, as well as a statement of whom the artist is and why he is there.

The reason this simple phrase is powerful and likely to work all the times is simple: what a person says does not matter. An individual can use almost anything as a pick up artist opener with success. It does not matter what is said, whether it is situational, complimentary or observational.

Deadly Pick Up Artist Opener That Works
Deadly Pick Up Artist Opener That Works

Any Pick Up Artist Opener Goes Beyond The Words


The success of a pick up artist opener does not depend on what is said, but how the artist delivers it. One can use a line that works every time with an expert pick up artist and fail miserably with it. Also, that expert can use an opener that fails miserably with an amateur and make it work. The reason this expert can use any opener successfully while the amateur cannot get any opener to work is all about the delivery.

For instance, if a man walks to a woman and mumbles a weak “Hi”, it will probably do no good. This is because it will not demonstrate to her he is the kind of guy she would want to go to bed with. On the other hand, if he walks up to the same woman and confidently declares “Hi” as a statement of his belief in himself, then things will turn out very different.

Another notable type of pick up artist opener is a spontaneous or canned opener. Many upcoming students do not like the idea of using canned openers. They either think that it will sound false, or are worried they will be called out for it. This brings about one of the main truths about pick up lines: a well rehearsed opener will sound more convincing and original when compared to a spur-of-the-moment one.

This should not come as a surprise. For instance, when writing an essay, it would be better if someone spent time thinking of it than if they wrote what come out their mind at the moment.

All in all, it is a bit more complicated than that. In reality, most of the thoughts that will spontaneously occur to a pick up artist in a certain environment will also occur to other individuals.

Anything that an opener is based on given the environment is probably the kind of thing that a woman hears all the time. Thus, if someone wishes to be original, often it is advisable to use a canned opener. What’s more, having a spontaneous opener an artist can trust is a good way of combating approach anxiety. This is because there is no excuse of lacking something to say.

A lot of pick up artists use observation openers since they are quite simple and straightforward. All one has to do is look for something interesting about the place, or the woman, and then share it with her. However, for such openers to be successful, the artist has to actually notice and comment on something that is non-obvious and interesting.

Commenting on something that is perceived to be a characteristic of women is a good idea. For example, one can comment on the drink she is taking by saying it is perfect for women. This will fit right since it will direct the conversation into the topic of differences between men and women. This is always an excellent conversation subject when flirting. Getting an accurate observation of a woman will make for a strong opener. However, an obvious or poor observation is unlikely to be successful.

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