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Pick Up Arist Book
Pick Up Arist Book

This Pick Up Artist Book Explains Daytime Approaching

This Pick Up Artist Book Explains The Perfect Daytime Approach

Have you been encountering challenges with approaching ladies or guys in broad day light? Well worry no more, here are some of the most obliging counsels to help you conquer the art of the day game.

Adapted from the most relevant relationships book of all time (The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists, written by Neil Strauss) this pick up artist book is a basic step you need to take before you go on to master the necessary skills in becoming the ultimate pick up artist.

In general, daylight approaching is quite difficult to master. This is largely because, unlike in the night when you can hide in the shades of darkness, during the day, every detailed aspect of you is exposed to the girl.

Pick Up Arist Book
Pick Up Arist Book

If you have a scar, or maybe your look like a 70 year old, there is nothing to hide. Any form of timidity is detected even before you mention another word to the lady or guy.

For this reason, you ought to be a guru in order to make things work for you. All in all gaming in the day is quite similar to the night game only that you have to be quite careful with the first impression you make, as Neil Strauss quotes in his book, The Game.

Top on the list, that a successful pick up artist has to consider is extremely positive attitude. Your attitude should be very positive.

Don’t be like those guys who always blame their physique on all their fiascoes. Believe that the attire you are putting on or that zit or scar on your face is quite what the girl you are about to approach will be attracted to.

There are two reasons why the chances of being rejected in the day are minimal.

Firstly, people are usually so into their stuff during the day, that if you dare approach them they’ll be sure to note that you are the only guy who has the balls to do it. 

The Pick Up Artist Book That Teaches Basics of Daytime Approaching

The lady or guy will instantly remember that its rude to snub the only person who has maybe complemented you since morning. Another reason is that people in general love complements, so you are sure to get a positive response if the approach is right.

Certainly a good pick up artist book will teach you that you should be in a position to start a conversation from any response, especially a common reply like ‘thank you’.

The second step to do after noticing her is to fully commit to the approach like she’s a true 10 and stay present in the moment. Go straight to her, draw her attention and let her know you are interested in her and you’re not just there to be nice to her and simply giving away compliments. 

Keep in mind that you must first understand her mood before escalating the interaction further. Familiarize yourself with her emotions in the moment, see if she’s happy or sad or irritated and do that in the first 5 seconds of your conversation.

The Pick Up Artist Book
The Pick Up Artist Book That Teaches You To Get Girls

Don’t freak out if she happens to react negatively at first or she’s a little thrown of.

After understanding where the girl is at emotionally, you can increase her emotional state with conversational spiking by telling a hilarious story about you failing to learn to ski and wiping out.

If she was by any chance having a bad day. Nonetheless, if she was happy even before you approached her, being witty will give her a good first impression.

Dig the most out of her while ensuring that you are conservative about your own issues, this will help you remain mysterious and it’s a fact that girls love mystery. 

However don’t be too conservative, make a relevant contribution so as to develop a healthy rapport with her. In a matter of 6 minutes you should be talking with the lady as if you have known each other for years, especially if she was not in a hurry.

Finally, always close the deal. In this step you need to do 2 important things, screen the banter and exchange contacts. Screening the banter simply means evaluating the whole conversation and knowing whether you are willing to go on a date with the lady or you should terminate the conversation.

If the approach was successful, exchange phone numbers and plan a date. Unfortunately, if by any chance she seems not to like the whole chat, terminate it. 

Nevertheless, this pick up artist book strongly recommends for you to close the deal on a positive note, don’t be rude to her just because she is not interested. This is simple because, you might be meeting her elsewhere and that will be a better chance for you to try your luck again.

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