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Myth 4 -The PUA Community Has No Real Value and Authenticity

Does The PUA Community Have Real Value and Authenticity ?


Myth 4 “The PUA community has no real value, authenticity, and it’s just based on lies that guys with big egos ran around telling to women so they can fuck women over to fulfill their big ego and feel better“

How To Get Good With Women Fast.
PUA Community myths solved

Knowledge is power. Same knowledge can be applied in a variety of ways. The PUA community has emerged into a variety of companies that focus on different aspects and outcomes of game. If you are a deeply flawed moral asshole who is out to hurt people and be dishonest, the PUA community didn’t teach you this. You were that way in the first place and you’ve just discovered a great way to amplify your inner garbage to a new level and infect “bitches” with it.

A lot of the teachings in this modern day dating science talk about building a true connection and focusing on the vibe of the interaction. Some say, the techniques are based around manipulation and breaking down the woman’s defenses only so you can fuck her and ruin her forever.Yes and no. This can be understood in a variety of ways.

The insights being taught are presented as merely insights into what works in the real world and how this will get you laid and how to perfect it over a long time. Whether you choose to never call back or you’re purposely set out to hurt people, or fuck a 1000 women, it’s not a part of the PUA community teachings. Yes there is an emphasis on being a player and picking up more women but it’s the nature of the manhood to want to sleep with as many women as possible.

The PUA community is not some novelty revolutionizing the basic instincts of the human needs, which is sex. Man are socially primed to want more women and the PUA community has simply found a convenient way to fulfill this need by providing man with proper social tools to make that happen. The market was there in the first place, but the solution wasn’t. Whatever extend you take this to, is entirely up to you. You are the one in control of your dating life and choices you make. 

Nowhere does it say, learn this latest trick and you can screw over 10 girls every week for the rest of your life. There is no PUA code or a PUA stone tablet saying; apply these 10 rules to fuck over as many women as possible weekly. Make sure after you leave, they’re emotionally broken down and that way you’ve successfully ruined them for the rest of their life.

When people hear presenters speak about these things, they misunderstand the presentation entirely because of their pre-existing social conditioning of being overly respectful to women. They feel that if they start applying these principles to cold approach pick they will somehow become immoral assholes who treat women like dirt and this ties into some of the myths discussed above.

The social conditioning of our world puts a lot of labels on being promiscuous and sleeping around is labeled as morally cheap and tells women it’s not ok to sleep around.

Modern dating is evolving too fast for these claims and with the abundance of choice and attention women get daily is over the top, making socially conditioned stigmas disconnect from the reality of our evolved dating world.

The reality is that as our population has grown so much, beautiful women have far more choice and more attention on weekly basis than ever before and this increased abundance of choice is creating naturally more competition for men to get in on the action with the best women.

Also the fact that they have so many men throwing themselves aimlessly at them, sponsoring their dinner dates and buying useless shit for them, hoping to get in, creates a dilemma for women feeling like every guy is the same and wants one thing because we as man give our value away far too cheaply, far to often. This inability to choose creates a vicious cycle for both parties and intensifies this whole dating world dilemma where everything seems to be seamlessly connected by technology. One click and you got a “soulmate” across the whole world somewhere in Siberia.

What’s next for the PUA community? 

The early days may have gotten a bad reputation for the PUA community, but it wasn’t nearly as effective as it was claimed to be and that’s why so many new companies span out of the Mystery Method as a result. There were visionaries who thought, things can be different and could be improved. In my opinion they have come along way and have evolved and are constantly evolving into a better PUA community.

The PUA community is slowly emerging into a community that is more focused on authenticity, spontaneity and building true connections, like you often see guys from Daygame talk about it. Those who really understand what it means to be with women and have good understanding of the PUA community are not out to hurt anyone, but rather give women what has always been there in a way that’s convenient for both parties involved in our modern dating world.

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