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Mystery Pickup Artist Book
Mystery Pickup Artist Book

Quick Review of The Mystery Pickup Artist Book

Review of The Mystery Pickup Artist Book 


After roughly ten years of trying, Erik von Markovic, better known as Mystery, assumingly learnt how to seduce women. Not satisfied with being the only seducer in the world, he came up with a mystery method of picking up women. This made him earn the title of the greatest pick up artist in the world. He went on to write a book that detailed his mystery method and the techniques used. Below is a look at the mystery pickup artist book. 

Mystery would probably not have become so popular had it been for Neil Strauss’s book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists. This book looks at the life of mystery as narrated by his protégé Neil. By following mystery around and acting as his wing man, Strauss was able to document his day-to-day life. Unfortunately, as much as mystery ideas were successful beyond expectations, women have begun to catch on. They have read the book and heard of the mystery routines, meaning that time has now come for the next level of game. Mystery is back with a new and improved playbook for the modern-day playboy.

mystery pickup artist book
mystery pickup artist book

Mystery Pickup Artist Book 

Titled The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction, this new mystery pickup artist book sees the author and his crew withdraw to a Miami mansion in order to plan their next move. When a new recruit arrives to stay in the house, Mystery introduces him to the pickup lifestyle and presents him with a portrait of the seduction master. Mystery also outlines a complete system of the pickup game in the book, while also unveiling his newest and fully field-tested techniques and strategies.

Mystery’s book includes an outline of all the triggers that create attraction and those that destroy it. It analyses micro calibrated openers, a new way of approaching strangers and starting conversations. Also, the Absurd, which is mystery’s most powerful technique for humor, is explained in the book in such a way that the pickup artist will never run of something to say. In addition, the book dedicates an entire chapter to physical escalation that includes touching and kissing. The reader also gets to learn solutions to inner-game issues such as when an artist is not feeling confident enough.

mystery pickup artist book
Mystery Pickup Artist Book

Mystery Pickup Artist Book – Mystery Method Exposed

Mystery initially came into the public light by marketing his technique aimed at seducing women. It details a step by step process that he calls The Mystery Method. Having perfected this technique, he has somehow managed to turn the long tradition of fantasying over beautiful into a game with its own set of rules. This spurred an online community of pick up artists that began to grow rapidly. To capitalize on the cult following he got, Mystery opted to start teaching his mystery method to the public. For a certain fee, average lonely men could learn how to seduce women directly from mystery by enrolling for a weekend boot camp.

Whether hanging out in South Beach with eager disciples or partying with his fellow seducers in Las Vegas, Mystery is never far from where the pickup action is. Anyone who wishes to be like him can read The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction and get the ideas.

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