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Mystery Openers That Work
Mystery Openers That Work

These Mystery Openers Get Girls To Talk To You

These Mystery Openers Get Girls To Talk To YOU


Mystery Openers That Work
Mystery Openers That Work

The mystery method is a breakdown and analysis of the process of approaching a woman. This means the time leading to a full-fledged sexual relationship, and usually involves a number of steps. A general consensus among pick up artists is that it would take some time to do all the steps, from the time of meeting a woman to the time of closing her.

The good news is that the steps should not take months of build-up but rather within the first few dates. This pick up method usually involves the artist applying some mystery openers. Below is some advice on how to apply mystery opening routines successfully.


A major assumption about opening is that at the beginning, the pickup artist has less value than the woman he is trying to approach. Since she is attractive and gets approached all the time, men are nothing special, and so is the artist. This is the starting point and it involves making a good first impression. Many upcoming artists wrongly think that they have to win the woman over with the opener. Since a woman thinks that the value of an artist approaching her is lower than hers, mystery openers are meant to raise his value.


 Mystery Openers Should Make Girls Open Up To YOU and Talk


Mystery Openers That Work
Mystery Openers That Work

When approaching a woman, it is advisable to make eye contact and say ‘hi’ while making sound sincere. It should not appear to her that the artist is trying to pick her. She might in fact question in her mind why he is talking to her. One should enter the scenario armed with a suitable opener. Certain mystery openers are ideal for certain types of scenarios. An opener’s main purpose is to get the woman’s attention and raise her interest to initiate a conversation.


All mystery openers begin with a big smile that should not be nervous–looking. The artist should not insinuate that he has some kind of sexual attraction to her. In addition, openers are not just opening lines. It may be true the first line is vital, but the artist should be able to go on with this for about two minutes.

Opening does not just mean initiating the conversation but actually also includes opening the woman’s shield. An attractive woman will be approached by many men on a typical day. This means she will over time learn or create number of natural strategies for getting rid of all such interruptions form men. Mystery openers get the conversation going but the opening state lasts until the pickup artist penetrates this shield.


Before actually delivering an opener, it is a good idea for the artist to carry out a pre-approach observation. This involves taking some time to observe things about a woman before running up to seduce her. He should take a moment or two to just watch the potential target. By doing this, he might notice something about her that may turn out to be useful. For instance, an artist sees a woman with a pink triangle tattoo who is reading a lesbian-themed magazine. In such a case, he might consider not approaching her.

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