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Meet Women During the Day
Meet Women During the DayMeet Women During the Day

Top 3 Things to Know to Meet Women During the Day

Top 3 Things to Know To Meet Women During Day


Daygame for intermediates and those aiming for mastery requires a slightly different approach than most gurus will advocate to you.

1. Killing her momentum from the start with a strong opener and body language. Why do you need to focus on killing her momentum and vibe right from the start? The purpose of “Killing Momentum” is to stop her and make her talk to you so she will hear you out. Right from the start you demonstrate value by doing this. If you’re looking to get good at this want to meet women during the day there is a very highly structured part of the game that you must learn: target acquisition, pre-approach and a spontaneous but structure specific opener.

Meet Women During the Day
Meet Women During the Day

Before diving deep into it fully, it’s important for you to understand that you should not be running a perfect set every time to get the girl. Don’t focus on being perfect. You just have to be a little above the average douche to “get the girl”. Anything past that, you’re getting into mastery of daygame and if you’re reading this you’re most likely not at the level of mastery. However, I hope you’re aiming for it, because if you want to master meeting women during the day you have to practice it daily. Anyhow, let’s move onto the next important point.

2. Daygame has a very short initial attraction phase because the girl is usually occupied with her life and not considering herself open to conversation like a night club girl maybe. This it is extremely important to get the first few seconds right with the right amount of attraction. The best way to do this is to focus on BEING FUN. Being a serious James Bond guy during your approach is the kryptonite of daygame attraction or any daytime approaching.

3. Either focus on building your own fun vibe and self-amusement or make it a point to keep your wing and yourself out of your head. That means focusing on the external things and the environment. What does it mean to be in your head? “ It’s a symptom of low state in which you concentrate too much on yourself, your game, and pick up strategies. You begin to micro-manage your behaviors, look to other people for validation and approval, run through last minute pick up theory in your brain and come up with 100 reasons not to approach the girl of your dreams who may potentially be your best sex, your best girlfriend, or your wife.

Do not allow yourself to focus on these limiting factors and apply the 3 principles in this post to help you take your daytime approach to the next level.

Cheers, daygamer and as per usual leave me some comments and share this post.

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