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Pick up artists
Pick up artists

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Pick Up Artists

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Pick Up Artists


A pick up artist is a person who is skilled in the art of seducing and attracting beautiful women. When it comes to seduction, there are numerous schools of thought. They range from using hypnosis to applying a keen understanding of attraction techniques and social dynamics. An entire movement found on the internet has been formed around men who wish to get better with women. This movement offers a lot to learn about life in general and how to interact with others, especially women. Below is a look at life lessons that can be learnt from pick up artists.

Pick up artists operate under a certain philosophy that essentially boils down to their self-esteem. It is all about what someone thinks and how he values himself. One of the most vital cornerstones of this philosophy is that one has to be outcome independent in order to be successful. This means that an artist has to expect things not to go the way he wants all the time as he wins some and loses some. When someone goes in while not expecting anything, great things tend to happen. It is all about having a mindset that an artist cannot always get the woman he wants.

In life, things are not just going to show up on a silver platter just because someone expects it to. An artist cannot keep feeling disappointed because things are not going the way he wants. In some instances, an individual just has to try without expecting a lot. This is one thing about life that men learn from pick up artists.

Pick up artists
Pick Up Artists

Learning From Pick Up Artists


Another life lesson learnt from pick up artists is how to gain confidence. These artists totally believe in the adage that goes like this “fake it until you make it”. Often times, this mindset usually works. The artists believe that if they fake it long enough, they will eventually reap the benefits of this fake confidence, which will in turn result in them picking more women. Confidence helps people in every aspect of their lives: whether it is public speaking, communication or asking beautiful women out.


One motto that pickup artists operate on is that it’s better to try and fail than not try and regret afterwards. Often, a man spots a beautiful woman that he notices and immediately feels attracted to. Then, scenarios start running through his head about how exciting it would be approach her. Pick up artists encourage such a person to at least approach the lady, even if all he does is ask for her time. It’s better to try and get rejected than regret afterwards while thinking what might have happened.

Many are the times that someone has put on hold his aspirations and desires. Such a person only ends up regretting the inaction for days to come, and then runs around with a regretful mind. It is better to try approaching a beautiful woman and fail or succeed rather than not even trying it. There are only two outcomes: either one succeeds or he fails. If the person does not try, he automatically defaults into failure. This is unpleasant because he loses without even trying.

What Else Can You Learn From The Best Pick Up Artists?

When life knocks someone down, he has to bounce back. Consequently, he has to be resilient in rejection. Something interesting usually happens to aspiring pickup artists who get into the dating game. After being rejected by women a few times, they give up and call it quits. Pick up artists believe in a variation of the saying that dating is similar to a numbers game. Basically, a man keeps on approaching women, gets rejected on several occasions and he can only improve from there. Even when feeling at his worst and going through some emotional turmoil, he has to bounce back without losing himself no matter what.

An individual practices several things when it comes to coping with rejection. By talking with more women as often as possible, he gets used to the idea of not always getting what he wants. He then learns to be resilient so that he does not wallow in self-pity. Being resilient translates well into all of life’s aspects. It makes someone less vulnerable to anxiety and stress, and makes it easier to get back up after being rejected by a woman. In addition, it prepares someone for most of the hardships in life.

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