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The Journey to Becoming a Pick Up Artist
The Journey to Becoming a Pick Up Artist

Your Journey to Becoming a Pick Up Artist

The Journey to Becoming a Pick Up Artist


Becoming a pick up artist isn’t something that happens overnight, especially if you happen to be an introvert. That’s totally fine, but the thing is, if you don’t want to have to wait for women to approach you instead of you going up to say hi first, then you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. 

Here, we’re going to talk about the three characters of a seduction, or three different ways you can present yourself at different stages of an interaction to move things forward.

A lot of guys only have one character throughout the whole seduction process. For the fun-loving extrovert, that would be “Mr. Sociable”, someone who enjoys being the center of attention and is comfortable in social situations.

For most guys, it would be “Mr. Comfort”, a nice guy who might be interesting once you get to know him, but isn’t particularly fun, sexual, or outgoing. The third character would be the Seducer, the sexual guy who comes in right away with a strong sexual vibe.

All three of these guys will get results, but they won’t be consistent. Becoming a pick up artist will mean taking a bit from each of these characters in order to be successful in any given situation.


  • First, you grab their attention. 
  • Next, you lead them into a more normal conversation.
  • Finally, you lead them into the seductive vibe.


The Mr. Sociable Part of Becoming a Pick Up Artist


This guy is well on his way to becoming a pick artist and generally makes great first impressions. He has a high energy level, is animated, and makes people feel comfortable. He can get along with any group, make them laugh, and brighten up the evening. With this guy around, there won’t be any danger of awkward silences as he’ll be sure to keep the conversation going. Mr. Sociable makes people comfortable because he is obviously relaxed, being very natural and saying whatever comes to mind.

On the other hand, he will start things off strong and be very good for the first few minutes, but might find it difficult to actually connect with the person or seduce them, just because he is too high energy and his conversational topics are too light. After a while, women will get tired of interacting with him; he can’t be serious or deep. 

Use this character for the first few minutes. When you get into a comfortable two-way conversation and they want you to stick around, move on to the next character.


The Mr. Comfort Part of Becoming a Pick Up Artist


You can bring out Mr. Comfort when you get the non-verbal and verbal cues that tell you the group has opened up to you and are ready to commit to the interaction. This means that they will stop looking at each other or around the room and instead be focused on you. It also means that they start asking questions and giving longer answers.

Mr. Comfort is both interesting and interested. He listens about 50% of the time, doesn’t talk too much about himself and tries to find common interests and understand women. He should hang around until a connection is built between you and the girl, at which point some elements of the Seducer should be brought in.

If you’re working on becoming a pick up artist, you need to remember not to get stuck in “Mr. Comfort” as that will bring you right to the friend-zone. Feel free, at this stage, to bring back Mr. Sociable for a bit should you ever feel that their interest in waning. But don’t wait around too long before bringing in the Seducer.


The Seducer Part of Becoming a Pick Up Artist


Coming in after Mr. Sociable and Mr. Comfort, the Seducer will be very effective. His job is to create sexual tension, create a situation that will slip a girl into a sexual state. Even if she wasn’t attracted to you in the first place, it can be possible to make her want to kiss you if everything is done the right way. These are some behavioral traits of the


  • He looks at a woman in a way that tells her he wants her (don’t break eye contact or hide your feelings, let your desire show)
  • He speaks more slowly, with a deeper voice
  • He touches her in increasingly sensual ways (touches should linger more, be softer, smoother)
  • He holds her hand when talking
  • He is comfortable with pauses and uses them purposefully


The Seducer should emerge from Mr. Comfort as you find out more about her and become more attracted. You’ll stand out from other guys because there will be a deeper connection before any sexual tension arises.

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