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Best PUA Books
Best PUA Books

Is This Really The World’s Best PUA Book?

Is This Really The World’s Best PUA Book?


The Game is a book by Neil Strauss that follows the author as he penetrates the pick up artist community with the hope of learning how to seduce women. It chronicles Strauss’s journey all the way from the first woman he approached to the greatest successes he ever got. He gets to learn how to attract and seduce women from his new friend Erik von Markovik, popularly known as Mystery. He also gets some private lessons from the top pick up artists in the field. Below is a look at why The Game is the best PUA book. 

The book deals with fear. It provides advice to men who are afraid of women and require mental techniques and visualizations in order to approach targets. Such men learn how to adopt enough confidence to seduce beautiful women of their dreams and eventually go to bed with them.

According to the book, the first thing a pick up artists does is “neg” a woman, or rather seemingly insults her so as to reduce her self-esteem. He then has to negotiate around her reflexive rudeness to advances from men, and isolate her at some point. The Game also offers tips on how to symbolically beat a male competitor and eventually win the girl.

The world’s best PUA book offers some guidance on what to talk about during the pickup process. The pickup artist will be performing pre-processed anecdotes or a conversational gambit aimed at making him seem funny and interesting. The book induces a mindset that it is possible to reduce everything to a piece of technology or program that can be followed. With the special techniques they learn from Strauss and Mystery, men with poor seduction skills can give convincing simulations of being top pick up artists.

The Game may not have much educational value for men looking for tips on scoring women. This is because the author intended it to be some sort of memoir in the first place. What makes it the best PUA book is the manner in which it is entertaining to the reader.

For those who love reading about drugs, sex and rock & roll, the book is definitely worth going through. Readers will laugh and cry as Strauss awkwardly narrates his adventures. Given that the author was writing for major magazines and papers at the time, there are a number of surprise cameos and noteworthy name drops.

Another notable thing about the book is that most nerds with poor seduction skills can openly relate to it. Early on in the book, Neil Strauss openly admits that he had a body that most women would not find attractive. Prior to starting his great experimentation in the science of seduction, his sex-life was virtually non-existent. Using the techniques found in the book he was able to transform himself into arguably the world’s leading pick up artist.

Some readers may feel that The Game is too long, as it has 450 pages. It’s tough to spend so much time reading about a group of reformed losers chasing women. All in all, most people will agree it is the best PUA book after reading it.

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