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Approach Anxiety and Fear
Approach Anxiety and Fear

Is Approach Anxiety Crippling Your Game & Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?

Is Approach Anxiety Still Crippling Your Game & Why Should You Stop Playing The Waiting Game?


Approach Anxiety & The Waiting Game

Are you waiting around, hoping that, you’ll get approached by that dream girl and she’ll magically appear in your life through your social circle? Your friends are probably telling you not to worry and to keep positive and keep going out and partying and it “ WILL JUST WORK OUT”. You are probably playing the waiting game and you made up some story in your head, as a result of social conditioning, that one day you’ll just randomly bump into each other, lock eyes and it will be love at first sight moment. Perhaps, you’ll win the lottery tomorrow and the bank will stop charging interest on your credit card too.

 Approach Anxiety Truth:

Approach Anxiety & Fear
How To Demolish Approach Anxiety & Fear?

If I’m breaking your fantasy bubble at this moment, then I’m happy because that is what I’m here to do. I want to help you change your reality for the better because I’m sick and tired of seeing the same shit being fed to men across the globe about the reality of modern dating. Bottom line is, you have to approach because you’re the man. When it comes to dating and relationships, as a man, you have to take full responsibility for leading the interactions. You have to become the guy who takes the first step especially in approaching. I know how tough approaching may be, especially when you’re just starting out in daygame and it seems like the biggest roller-coaster in your god damn life, but in the end I promise you that it does work regardless what you’ve read on However, for christ sakes don’t fall for all the marketing bullshit by these pick up companies that promise you a fantasy lifestyle filled with play boy models, super models or that you’ll sleep with as many women as you want on daily basis because they have the latest best trick that nobody else heard of. Just attend one little bootcamp that costs two or three thousand dollars. They’ve got the fucking pill that cures approach anxiety or some cute exercise that will let you escape the hard truth – annihilating approach anxiety completely will not happen by simply reading a book. You have to understand that you have to go through the motherfucking grind and build yourself up from the ashes because that’s where your dating skills are at this moment and approach anxiety is crippling your success right now. Success amigo – it’s a lonely road. Your “best friends” will tell you that it’s all bullshit and you don’t need all this self-improvement crap and learning game and so on. Just as an FYI – only roughly 10 % of all males are naturals who have an advantage, but you can get over approach anxiety with as few as 15-30 approaches to become even better with effort and dedication. Be a spartan and face adversity and fear, because it will destroy your god damn approach anxiety.

Solution to Approach Anxiety is simple

Start approaching today. Finish this god damn article because it’s just awesome, put on some nice clothes that isn’t your black t-shirt & ripped jeans. Now, call up your wing and set a time TODAY to go out, build a cool vibe, have a ton of fun approaching and rack up some good, bad, & fugly approaches. Even if you fail hard, you and your wing will have some fun stories to talk about later and make fun of how badly that interaction went and how humorous that whole thing was. You will also have the opportunity to discover where you can improve while you decrease your approach anxiety tremendously. Always remember to go back and analyze your game and see what worked well and what did not and your wing can help you be more objective and you can point out each other’s mistakes. Building up positive refernces is very key to gaining confidence and referring back to them in the future. It’s good to understand your stregnths and improve on your weaknesses and make your game real tight. Otherwise you’re just floating in an abyss of never ending approaches and no results. Keep shooting the approaches and keep stacking up the bad, the good and the fugly and most importantly keep building those positive references. Once you do that, you will see your approach anxiety slowly begin to fade away, but it will never go away completely. Don’t count it, it’s like a fucking disease and you have to keep supressing it with regular daytime approaches.


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