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How to Open a Girl in Day Game ?
How to Open a Girl in Day Game ?

How to Open a girl in DayGame, using Natural Inner Game.

How to Open a Girl in DayGame ?

There are many issues surrounding the topic of DayGame and opening. Some of the early methods developed advised strongly on approaching the woman indirectly and recently this has been developed into a completely direct style of opening. In case you’re unsure what I mean by opening, it means starting a conversation with the woman. Direct style of opening indicates to a woman that you are showing interest to her from the first 10 seconds of the conversation. The other type of opening in the early days developed by the PUA community was used to display indirect style of opening. This means opening the conversation without showing any interest in the first couple of minutes. The debate about what type of style to use has been going on for years and strictly to DayGame, it is strongly advised to use the direct method.

How to open a girl in Day Game

Let me elaborate on this more, so you get a clear perspective or idea why a certain style is important in one situation or another. Social pressures in a specific environment is the key in this. What you should pay attention to is the type of environment you find yourlself in. For instance, let’s use an example of somebody waiting in line at a coffee shop, with a fairly easy-going atmosphere and a place that has quite a few people. In this case, if you’re just starting out with DayGame or you haven’t approached that many women, it might be better for you to start indirect in such high pressure situations. However, make this a rule in your mind that in 95 % of all other instances YOU WILL 100 % of the time go into the interaction directly by displaying interest in the first 10 seconds of the interaction.

1) How to open a girl in DayGame? Before you consider starting a conversation it is important to note that you need to first get her attention. As a basis for strong Inner Game, I’d like to note that you should never focus on what to say but rather how you’re communicating your information to the woman. If you’re interested on learning more about Deep Inner Game mindsets, check out my Inner Game Category posts.

2) The way I get a woman’s attention during day is dependent on the environmental cues. Let’s consider an example from an oudoor environment. I generally let a woman pass by me and then catch up to her and stop her with my arm. The exact technique for this is seen in the video I posted below by Jeremy Soul (who wrote “DayGame – Never Sleep Alone“).

3) To continue this, a simple “excuse me” can suffice because it’s socially acceptable. However, you could also yell something like

Hey you, yeah YOU..Come here!  (later in the day, outside environment, in a busy place) ” Hey Miss” This is enough to get a woman to stop and turn around. You’re just getting her attention at this point.

4) To finish up with this post, to Open a girl In DayGame, you should go in directly and say something like ” I was on my way to see a friend and I saw you (whatever she’s doing, i.e. walk past) and I wanted to come tell you that I think you are unbelievably beautiful/cute/gorgeous/…. “

I hope this post on initial approach helped you, but remember don’t focus on relying on lines or technique but rather focus on developing your Inner Game to communicate your true inner thoughts and desires in a healthy and positive way that gets people’s attention.

P.S. How do you Open a girl in DayGame ? Let me know what you thought about my post below the video.




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